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We are committed to IT services here at NENS and delivering the right solution for our business customers to help take them to the next level. We are careful in choosing each service for each customer, because we know how important it is to get it right. That’s why we initially start with understanding your business needs so that we align the right technology solution for you.

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Security Services

Over 1 million cybercrime events happen daily – that is 12 per second. We are all targets for crimes like hacks, viruses or malware. To put you in the best position for success you need an integrated suite of IT security protection. NENS has a proven suite and a technical standards committee who regularly analyzes our security suite to protect our clients based on their needs.


Your firewall is a critical front line of your digital business security. This is not an area to skimp, but rather find a partner who can help choose the right solution for your organization. State laws dictate your liability when it comes to firewall minimums.

At NENS we understand these requirements and have experience implementing firewalls and their related technologies such as VPNs, Secure remote access, Active Directory links as well as monitoring and reporting to give leadership insight. Though all businesses need protection from infiltration, some require more than others depending on their business model. We recognize this and can work accordingly.


Any business savvy leader is always looking to free up limited resources to focus on more important projects and Cloud technology can be a great option for many companies. The Cloud, as a tool, has proven itself as a great storage solution particularly for smaller businesses looking to benefit from enterprise level service at a reasonable cost. But without a full understanding of its capabilities and limitations, it can cause negative side effects.

At NENS, we utilize a clear, evaluative system to understand a business needs, overall costs and user requirements in order to determine the best Cloud solution that aligns with your organizations goals.

Options include: cloud services, a hybrid [part cloud, part local] or entirely local option.


Mobility has been around many years now. We have been using corporate email and pulling up documents on our phones since the early 2000s. Recently hand held devices are outselling computers and we need to start accounting for the strategy, costs and risks that come with not keeping up with this trend.

Two major facets of business affect mobility: security and efficiency. Telecommuting and working from home has become very popular, as employees demand more flexible workspace and travel more often. Simultaneously, the BYOB [Bring-Your-Own-Device] approach is becoming increasingly popular due to preference and efficiency, but it allows for additional holes if not addressed properly. Give yourself the advantage of transacting business securely anytime anywhere.

Cloud Backup and Business Continuity

We often find prospects or new clients have been advised a quick fix solution to Cloud back up or business continuity. Though data loss is a major issue that can be avoided, having a copy of the data is really not the goal. Getting back to full operation is the goal. That is business continuity and we at NENS have years of experience with business continuity solutions and back up. The great news, cost is tremendously less than it was several years ago.

Help desk

Need access to a team of engineers who are standing by to help you, so you can get back to work as fast as possible? NENS has a locally staffed and friendly help desk that delivers a strong SLA (Service Level Agreement) target that protects your business.

Office 365

Are you thinking that you want all the benefits of Microsoft Exchange, but do not want to deal with the hassle of your own server? You could be wondering which option suits your business best. Perhaps you need help migrating to 0365 or tying your Active directory together. We have the experience and processes to make your move to a hosted cloud solution or Exchange as simple as possible. We can work with your business needs.

Installations, Upgrades and Migrations

In our 20+ years of business, we have performed thousands of upgrades, new installations and migrations and over time we have fine-tuned this process. We created a system to organize, increase efficiency and share knowledge gained. We have a team of engineers, account managers and project managers to take their respective responsibilities and work together to bring your business the result you search for.

Network Systems and Infrastructure Monitoring

Have you discovered how much downtime cost your company? Would prevention of a problem be more valuable than recovery? NENS has services to monitor your critical systems for performance and our NOC monitors your system around the clock when you are unable to.

24/7 365 Service Monitoring

Yes we offer 24/7 365 watching, tracking and engaging customized by you. If it takes more than a few hours, then we can set up a project plan to reduce costs and wasted resources. NENS has a team of experienced project managers, design engineers and IT engineers to help your projects deliver the business value you need to succeed. But we do not stop there; we have documented best practices and procedures to help make sure your targets are hit.

Staff Augmentation

Ever need a resource for an extended period of time? Perhaps to help in transition, get through a short term overload or to restore peace to a disheveled environment. At NENS we have resources to meet your technical needs in addition to our leadership, management and best practice experience.

Message filtration and encryption

When it comes to IT service, Email functionality is at the top of importance for most companies. The data, history and transactions in email are critical business property. Protecting this data is critical as well as keeping it up and running for business efficiency. Stopping unwanted mail and malware is essential. NENS has experience and solutions to help you align what level of protection you need and then providing solutions and maintaining them.

Outsourcing / Relocation

Decided that there is a component of technology that you would rather delegate to someone else so you can focus on more important tasks? Perhaps you are moving and that project needs to be delegated to a trust IT team. We have ample experience in taking the responsibility and risk off your shoulders setting you free to work on bigger tasks, moving or anything else. Whether it is small or high risk, we are ready to align our systems with your business needs and it is our pleasure to share and/or assume responsibility for the risk.

Network Assessments and Audits

All too often companies jump into a technology solution without the full understanding of what is in place. Would a Venture Capital firm fund a company without a strong business plan? Would a bank give a loan without collateral and verification of credit? Likely not! But that is why NENS can help you.

Governance / Compliance

Do you have a need for HIPAA, SoX or CMR 17 compliance? NENS has experience, systems and processes to help you create, and maintain your systems and procedures around your data and electronic systems.

Mobile Device Management

If your business requires employees to have full access of their business affairs on their phones, NENS can equip your mobile devices from e-mail management to file access to application use.

Disaster Recovery

In the event your business experiences a major incident such as a natural disaster, human error, act of God or otherwise, NENS can have you covered. If you put our disaster recovery solutions in place, NENS can not only recover your data and assets, but also provide peace of mind you can continue running your business with ease.

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10 Insights on IT Services


I would 100% recommend NENS to anyone. Otherwise we would be looking elsewhere. We learned the hard way. With our previous IT company, I once spent 75% of my work week on IT related issues . Now I spend about 25% on IT related work each week, which we consider normal, since we do not have an in-house Help Desk.

--Laurie Buonopane, Aetna Lighting