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When most people consider how IT affects their health, it may just be in considering how many years frustratingly slow technologies takes off their lives due to stress. What they? don?t realize is how important IT is in today?s healthcare system, which is the backbone of American health.

Healthcare isn?t just stethoscopes and scalpels these days. There is a world of healthcare IT behind the anatomy posters in your doctor?s office, and one that?s growing everyday.

Stayin? Alive (With Networks and Wires)

The IT behind the healthcare system isn?t what may come to mind, like for instance, automated surgical robots that operate without flaw. Instead it?s more to do with background than actually doing the cutting and stitching.

Health records are what caregivers use to know a patient?s medical history, which is increasingly important as people age and/or need more advanced care during tough medical times. In the past, health records were paper documents photocopied and handed between caregivers. In today?s IT-centric world, health records have gone electronic, becoming the latest and greatest step towards improving healthcare with the click of a mouse.

Connected to a Cure

It may not seem like much, but having the connectivity of the 21st century at doctor?s fingertips is changing the face of medicine. Electronic health records helps provide more accurate and immediate information regarding previous health complications, immunizations, and lab results. IT makes it?s way into the hands of caregivers, quite literally in many cases, it can help improve everything from making quicker diagnoses to improved imaging through CT scans and MRIs.

The downside is, this new technology requires a new class of medical professional. Healthcare providers now need to understand their field, plus how to aptly use all the new technology placed before them, forcing them to know both the human body and how machines operate, which hopefully don?t have to coincide just yet.

IT Outside the Hospital

This improved technology is directly responsible for improved care, but with the increased reliance on new healthcare IT technologies comes increased responsibility to manage them. That?s something busy healthcare professionals don?t have time to do, so healthcare outsourcing comes into play.

A busy hospital is there to save lives – IT guys are there to keep the computers running all night. That doesn?t mean they need to be in the same building every day. Healthcare IT outsourcing allows outside IT firms to manage the IT networks and maintenance for caregivers, allowing them to focus all their attention on what matters most – whatever is currently deteriorating your health.

These incredible new technological advances do little for doctors if they?re not up and running, so keeping these systems in check is a top priority, and the healthcare administrators realize not staying up to date is costing them big time.

So, Who Do You Have to Thank?

Healthcare IT outsourcing is similar to other IT outsourcing, and can be taken care of by a qualified IT consultant. Choosing to partner with a reliable IT consultant is vital, especially when there are lives on the line. Do your homework and be sure to find a valued and local partner who you can trust to show up when the servers go down.

Next time you have a medical emergency taken care of, thank the doctors, and maybe give a nod to the IT guy too. He may have had a hand in saving your life without even knowing it.