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Lowell’s Leading Managed IT Services Provider

Boost IT performance and availability with locally-managed IT services in Lowell.
Get the Best From Your IT Service

NENS has 25+ years’ experience providing managed IT services — and we’re based right here in Lowell.

Why choose NENS as your managed services provider?

Guaranteed SLAs. Your business and its users get outstanding service every time.

Rapid resolution. Our technical staff resolve most issues on the first call.

Get a dedicated account manager. No more frustrations speaking with anonymous reps to get answers.  Your strategic account manager is there to make sure your support runs smoothly.

Stay ahead of the competition. Our experts are constantly working with the latest technologies, and can identify the ideal solutions to help you achieve your business objectives.

Maximize availability. We provide 24/7/365 monitoring of your environment to ensure your business has a stable, reliable IT service.

NENS takes care of your IT infrastructure while you focus on what your business does best.

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When you choose NENS for Managed IT Services in Lowell, you get:

Implementation Expertise

Efficiently roll out new technologies with less surprises and greater budget control. NENS provides expert on-site network setup and hardware/software installation.

8 Seconds

Other IT companies might make you wait – we do not. We average answering your call at 1.6 rings.  And our responsiveness does not stop there.  We meet or exceed our high support SLA 96.4% of the time.  

With NENS, you get rapid issue resolution and support — its guaranteed

Same Day On-Site Support

A NENS engineer can be on your site within four hours to any of our managed IT services clients — from support, project, admin, and or system maintenance.

No 1099 or using national support houses.  Our support staff are employed 100% by NENS

Managed IT Services

NENS is Lowell’s leading IT service provider. We will simplify your IT service while making your employees lives easier and supporting your business objectives — all within a budget.

IT Solutions

Every business has IT challenges. With NENS, you get more than a service tech — you get proven IT solutions that support your business objectives.

Business-Oriented IT

Sometimes you have to wonder if IT understands it is not your business focus.  IT exists to serve the needs of your business, not the other way around. NENS provides a suite of Business IT solutions that covers everything your business needs to thrive — from lifecycle management to disaster recovery. We are here for you.

Unlock the Power of the Cloud

Cloud is the future of business IT. NENS can help your business select and implement the ideal cloud solutions and platforms for your business, and provide full migration, strategy, security, and support services.

Protection Against Cyber Threats

Cybersecurity is top-of-mind for every business. NENS protects your IT infrastructure with a defense designed and tested for current cyber threats.  Leveraging a multi-tiered strategy designed to block threats and manage cyber risk.

Technology Selection & Procurement

Choosing new technology solutions is time consuming and expensive. If you get it wrong, it can set your business back years. Our experts identify and procure the ideal solutions for your business.

NENS is the Leading Managed IT Services Provider in Lowell

We take the success of our customers seriously. To ensure our managed
services support your business objectives, we continually
track and improve our delivery model.


Near perfect SLA performance.  


Years of experience providing managed IT services in Lowell


Beyond satisfied, 98.5% of service requests earn an “I am happy” green smiley

NENS is a Leader in the Managed IT Services Industry — Not Just in Lowell.

We know we’re the top managed service provider in Lowell. But that’s not enough. We want to be the best IT partner anywhere.

That’s why we provide:

  • Guaranteed SLAs. We’re committed to supporting your business, 24/7/365.
  • Rapid Support. Nobody likes to wait for help. We answer most support calls within two rings.

  • Regular Performance Reports. No more what is going on with IT support. We closely monitor performance and support statistics and let you know how successful we’ve been.

  • Unbeatable Customer Satisfaction. Many of our engineers receive 100% customer satisfaction scores month after month.

That’s what makes NENS the premier managed service provider in Lowell.

Don’t Let Accidents or Incidents Threaten Your Business

With 25+ years in the field and an expert team on hand, NENS is the ideal partner to protect your business against technology interruptions.

Industry-Leading Managed IT Services — Tailored to Your Business

NENS has been supporting IT services and infrastructure for more than 25 years. We’ve partnered with hundreds of acheiving local businesses to build, maintain, optimize, and support IT environments that support their objectives.

Could your business benefit from working with a reliable, professional, battle-tested managed IT services provider? Then NENS is the partner you’ve been looking for.

But those are just words. What we really care about are results. Our 98.5% customer satisfaction score and 96.4% SLA success rate make NENS the leading managed service provider in Lowell.

Our clients brag and benefit from our great service.

The Most Experienced Managed IT Service Provider in Lowell

With over 25 years’ experience providing industry-leading IT managed services, NENS is the most experienced IT firm in Lowell.

Over the last two and a half decades we’ve worked extensively with solutions from probably every technology provider you’ve heard of — and plenty that you probably have not. We have also helped hundreds of identify the ideal solutions to support their business objectives.

When you partner with NENS, you can draw on our experience to choose, implement, and support solutions that will help your business grow and thrive.

NENS will help you optimize, maintain, and support existing solutions to support seamless, reliable IT operations.

And while we take care of that, you can focus on what your business does best.
For the top managed services provider in Lowell — choose NENS.

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