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New York, USA – January 24, 2014: Security standing close to the famous Apple Store located on 5th Avenue, NY, after somebody has broken glass on a fa?ade. What if this was your computer being attacked instead??

Your Mac Isn?t As Secure As You Think

If you?re working in the US right now, chances are you?re working on a computer ? and when it comes to choosing a computer, there really are only two common options; the Mac and the PC.

While traditionally the aesthetically pleasing Mac platform has been the virus-free machines of the computing world, the truth is that your Mac isn?t as secure as you think in the US ? and not understanding the dangers of an unprotected Mac can cost you dearly.

The (Not)Virus-Free Option

?Unless you?re one of the very few minorities running a Linux-based system, your work computers either run Windows or Macintosh software. And since most of personal and professional operations use the cheaper and more easily accessed Windows platform, it?s been traditionally more of a target for cyberattacks.

Generally, viruses need to be created specifically for the software they?ll infect ? which means it made sense hackers directed their attacks at the most popular software, Windows. However, with an increasing number of Mac users across the US, hackers have begun to alter the scope of their efforts to include the second most popular software, Macs, to get a wider scope of cyber victims.

A Bigger Threat in the US? ?

According to a report by BitDefender, Mac cyber attacks are most popular in the US, with 25% of all Mac-based attacks occurring on US systems. These attacks include malware and trojans ? which can syphon-off personal and critical data from your systems without your knowledge.

One of the most debilitating threats that Macs are now open to is one of the most popular across daily and technology news ? the ransomware attack. Across the US, companies with both PC and Mac platforms are falling victim to ransomware hackers who access their critical systems and lock them out, offering access to their data for a price.

When it comes to ransomware, Macs are no safer than PC?s to prevent a breach. In many cases, hackers are learning that it?s profitable to create attacks for the Mac platform along with the PC platform, since the number of Mac users has grown considerably over the past few years. Any protection you may have faced as a Mac user in the past is now gone.

Ignorance is Expensive

?Thinking that your computers are safe from malicious online threats, whether they?re Mac, PC or Linux, is irresponsible in today?s? digital age. On average, businesses spend approximately $55 billion a year cleaning up after cyber-attacks, and with cybercrime seeing a steady rise in occurrence, it?s only going to get worse from here.

If you?re not adequately prepared to fend off hackers, viruses and malicious software, do yourself ? and your company ? a favor, and get prepared.

Preparation is Key?

The only way to protect your data ? whether you?re curing a Windows or Mac system ? is with proper preparation. And if you?re in a business that takes your data security seriously (you are), then you should consider professional assistance in securing the Mac (and PC) software you use everyday.

Partnering with a local IT professional like NENs is the most secure of protecting your business from malicious online entities. Our team of cyber experts stay ahead of the game when it comes to the latest threats across any and all computer software, and will keep your organization prepared for whatever the next catastrophic string of code hackers create to target your systems.