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Increase productivity for your business with NENS’ New Hampshire managed IT services.

Enhance your Business with NENS’ Managed IT Services in New Hampshire

NENS offers top-tier IT services in New Hampshire with more than 30 years of professional experience

Why choose NENS for managed IT in New Hampshire?

Get complete system protection with 24/7 security monitoring from a security operations center.

Gain complete confidence in your IT provider through our guaranteed SLAs.

Receive personalized support for all managed solutions through dedicated account managers and technical experts.

Receive personalized support from dedicated account managers and technical experts.

Resolve IT issues for good with technical engineers who get to the root of the problem. 

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Reliable Managed IT Services for New Hampshire Businesses

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What You Can Expect From Our Reliable Managed Services in New Hampshire

Managed IT Services

Offload the hassle of IT management with our IT services in New Hampshire. We’ll take care of your IT so you can get back to work.

IT Helpdesk Support
We’ll take the hassle of IT management and support off your shoulders. Our IT services in New Hampshire let you devote 100% of your time to your business.
IT Consulting
Get experienced IT consulting services with over 30 years of experience providing IT managed services in New Hampshire.
Cloud Services
Get support services for all cloud solutions from planning, implementation, migration, and management.
Cyber Security
Get end-to-end protection with a multi-layered cybersecurity approach.
Network Support
Ensure your business network is always up and running with our proven network standards and best-in-class implementation engineers.

Hear From Others Who Trust Our IT Services in New Hampshire

Awesome service! Tech was on time and “on it!”

Manufacturing, R.C.

Excellent and speedy response time!

Life Sciences / Biotech Company, R.P.

The NENS team was so friendly and responsive. Took good care to be sure I was satisfied with the outcome. Much appreciated.

Insurance Industry, N.O.

Reth was exceptional and saw the fix all the way to the end. Very confident in his ability to resolve the issue quickly from the moment we began to troubleshoot.

Insurance Industry, B.B.

Service Level Agreements Provide Consistent Support

Reliable systems and an effective managed service provider in New Hampshire are key to keeping your company competitive.

Unlike other msps in New Hampshire, NENS offers financially backed Service Level Agreements to protect you and ensure you get the result you expect.

Our commitments give you consistent care at a controllable price, making us one of the top IT services companies in New Hampshire.

Managed IT Services in New Hampshire
 New Hampshire Managed IT Services

NENS Is a Best-in-Class MSP in New Hampshire

Protect your business data at all times. NENS develops, deploys, and implements a multi-layered cyber security protection to keep your business safe.

Our cyber security services include:

  • Next-gen AI level anti-virus and malware solutions
  • Next-gen firewalls
  • Cloud backup solutions to protect your online data
  • Employee cyber awareness training
  • Business continuity and disaster recovery services
  • Annual security risk assessment

As a top managed services provider in New Hampshire, we ensure your company avoids threats with our reliable cyber security services.


What sets your managed IT services apart?

One aspect that differentiates NENS is our strategic six-quarter IT roadmap.

We work closely with your executive team to develop this plan, updating it every quarter to ensure clear vision and alignment with your business goals.

We guarantee quality with our contractually-backed service levels and provide four levels of managed service.

This comprehensive approach to IT management allows us to optimize your systems toward your business goals.

What can I expect to pay for your managed IT services?

At NENS, we understand that every business has unique IT requirements and financial considerations.

Our pricing model offers four levels of managed service tailored to different needs.

We also provide a 6-quarter Strategic Road Map to aid in budget planning and eliminating unexpected expenses. Our aim is to deliver optimal services within your budget while focusing on value creation.

How do your managed IT services ensure the security of my network?

NENS prioritizes and exceeds the industry standard in cybersecurity.

Our Minimum security standards include:

  • Next-gen AI and ML EDR antivirus with 24/7 monitoring
  • Cyber security awareness training for employees
  • Single sign on multi-factor authentication

Our technology committee reviews emerging trends and solutions, and keeps us ahead of emerging threats.

This robust defense strategy gives our clients complete confidence that their business assets are securely protected.

How does your managed IT services company handle issue resolution?

NENS guarantees quick and effective response times, answering your call in just 1.6 rings. 

We’re committed to high-quality service, meeting or exceeding our Service Level Agreement (SLA) 97.2% of the time. 

Furthermore, our clients have dedicated account and technical managers, giving you a team of professionals at your service to oversee every aspect of your account. 

Our comprehensive approach results in swift, efficient issue resolution. It’s not just promised, it’s guaranteed.