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Managed IT Provides a Host of Potential All in One

Managed IT services providers handle some of all your technological needs ? and in 2019, those can be numerous. They provide enterprise-level IT services to small-to-medium businesses.

Every business is looking for new tools to make their business more effective. From typewriters to desktop PC?s, technology plays a large part in business success. In 2019, we?re at no loss for new tools. Personal mobile devices, IoT, and AI are new tools for businesses to capitalize on. But they?re still not the most useful tool in a smart business leader?s toolbox. That award goes to managed IT services, something many organizations already use but not to the fullest extent. In short, if you want your business to have an edge in 2019 and beyond, managed IT is the tool to invest in. Here?s why.

We?re going to talk about the best parts of Managed IT, off the bat because after this you might not need to even read anymore about it.

  • Cutting edge-cybersecurity?? Check ? IT services firms can protect you 24/7 from the next great online threat.
  • Automation? Check ? the processes you spend precious time on like data backups and archives can be handled by automated systems, saving you time and money.
  • Update outdated IT equipment? Check ? every good IT consultancy helps their customers deal with staying up-to-date with new technologies and understand the benefits and risks of adopting new technologies like digital innovation, IoT, and application security.
?Okay, so IoT and application security may not keep many business owners up at night – but those who work with a managed IT provider rest assured because their IT team has it handled.

The Cost Savings Alone Can Be Worth It

We?ve covered some of the best facets of a managed IT provider, but let?s think about doing that in-house; how much would it cost?
Well for starters, IT teams are not cheap. To begin with, but once you start bringing in experts in fields like cybersecurity or emerging technology, your budget is going to have to be pretty high. In fact, the salary for a top-tier cybersecurity professional can exceed $350,000 ? is that a salary you?re willing to shell out for just one part of your IT infrastructure?
When you work with a managed IT provider, that salary and budget ceiling is no longer considered. Sure, you?ll have your managed IT partner on the payroll, but the services you receive vs. the amount it would cost to keep a certified and trained professional for each position in-house is going to certainly save in the favor of managed IT ? which means you?re getting more for less.

This IT Tool Is Never Outdated – And Gets Better with Age

There are a lot of things in life that age like fine wine, however, technology is not one of them. Would any leading US business be caught dead working on Windows 95 in 2019? Or would a CEO look quite as powerful sporting one of those comically large cell phones from the 1980s in an important business meeting?
I?m sure there are a few vintage aficionados out there who would prefer this look, but overall, it?s a resounding ‘no’.
The point of this message is that tech ages – and very quickly. However, when you work with NENS, your team is always going to stay up to date on the latest trends and tech and be readily available to share that expertise with your organization.
You?ve got enough to worry about focusing on the needs of your business. Worrying about the evolution and necessities of your business technology is not something you want to spend your time on. Contact us today to learn how our team can become your best tool in 2019.