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So the time has come for you to decide whether you will use internal automated security or seek outside help when it comes to cybersecurity. First, that?s a smart decision – with the growing number of cyber threats, it?s critical that organizations of all shapes and sizes have adequate cybersecurity in place to keep their sensitive customer data secure.

Now comes a choice – which type of security initiatives do you plan to employ? Today there are a host of automated services and software you can employ to protect your organization, or you can try and do it yourself. Finally, there are Managed IT Service Providers who can handle everything for you. Your security needs should dictate what services you employ, but here?s a breakdown of how they work and the pros and cons of each.

First, The Pros of Automated Security

We live in the 21st century, which means we rely on technology to handle almost every aspect of our daily lives. Whether it be your smartphone waking you up every morning, your computer handling all your work tasks, or a wearable device such as a smartwatch counting your steps and calories burned, we?re blending the line between man and machine every day.

Cybersecurity is no different ? as the influx of technology continues to increase,? there will be more cyber threats to handle ? and automated services mean you can ?set and forget? and go about your day. They take the strain of having to handle projects and issues as they arise, and allow you to focus on the aspects of business?crucial for growth.

With so much to worry about on a daily basis, automated services appear to be a breath of fresh air towards efficiency.

Automated Security Can?t Learn New Threats – Yet

There?s a lot of talk about the burgeoning advancement of artificial intelligence and how it will greatly impact technological advancement – as well as cybersecurity. And although it will have a fantastic future in our technological landscape, it?s not quite there yet.

AI isn?t yet at the point where it can take over for seasoned professionals. This is by far one of the of the biggest drawbacks of relying on strictly automated cybersecurity services. The cybercrime world is a fast-paced landscape, and every day new technologies and strategies are being formed to outsmart current cybersecurity initiatives – and when a system is automated, it can?t think for itself.

That?s where a human component of cyber security becomes crucial to the successful protection of your data. Automated services might be able to start working on an attack the second it registers, but at least with today?s limited AI ability, when a new, never-before-seen attack occurs, an automated system isn?t going to have the brain power to figure it out and adequately prevent a new attack from occurring. That?s where the professionals come into play – and where a team of cybersecurity professionals will prove their value.

What Is Managed Cybersecurity?

Simply put, managed IT services, or managed cybersecurity, is the hiring of a team of outside experts who handle your organization?s IT needs. Many organizations across the US use them, and many more desperately need them.

Managed IT services have been popular for decades, but with the growth of cybercrime over the past few years, managed cybersecurity operations have become the norm for organizations who need to stay up-to-date against the latest cybersecurity threats without hiring a costly in-house team. In many cases, you get the best of both worlds ? an all-star team without needing to keep them on the company?s payroll.

Managed Services Come with a Team of Experts ? And Automation

For most small- and medium-sized organizations, the best bet for the protection of your data is to go with a managed service provider to handle your cybersecurity requirements. When you work with a team of experts like our cybersecurity professionals with NENS, you?re getting the expertise of a team that knows how to use those automated tools to further ensure the safety of your data.

There?s nothing wrong with automated services, but they are best employed with the help of seasoned professionals at the helm. Contact us today to learn about how our team of experts can combine their automated tools and expertise to keep your data safe against any future threats.