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Ensure the Safety of Your Business with Our Leading Cyber Security Services in Manchester. Safeguard your digital assets and data with our advanced protection solutions.

Get Protection from Cyber Attacks with our Cyber Security Services in Manchester

Gain peace of mind knowing that NENS’ all-in-one security services and support is there to help you.  

Why choose NENS for cybersecurity services in Manchester, New Hampshire?

Resolve security issues quickly with a responsive IT partner who answers support calls in as few as 2 rings

Get real-time alerts if your system is attacked with 24/7 monitoring from our Security Operations Center

Make your cyber security as strong as possible with experts informing your strategy

Receive custom IT solutions and support from a Manchester cyber security company with over 25 years of experience

Protect your critical business data with customized cloud-based backups and business continuity planning

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Why Clients Depends on Our Cybersecurity Services in Manchester

“Needed help ASAP and you responded within minutes!”

CPA firm, C.D.

“Tech was new, and worked very creatively to fix our issue here at Chapman. He had a great attitude and made the issue an enjoyable resolution.”

Manufacturing R.A.

“Excellent and speedy response time!”

Life Sciences / Biotech Company R.P.

“Reth was exceptional and saw the fix all the way to the end. Very confident in his ability to resolve the issue quickly from the moment we began to troubleshoot.”

Insurance Industry, B.B.

“Awesome service! tech was on time and on it!”

Manufacturing R.C.

“The NENS team was so friendly and responsive. Took good care to be sure I was satisfied with the outcome. Much appreciate. Nancy O’Connor”

Insurance Industry N.O.

“Reth is so great! He’s expedient, thorough, and always positive and update. He also makes sure that issues were resolved via follow-up messages. He should be acknowledged as an outstanding employee!”

Wealth Management A.T.

“The NENS team was dogged in their determination to identify the cause of the problem and resolve the issue!”

Healthcare M.C.

“Fixed my problem with good communication.”

Professional Services D.F.

“Engineer was excellent. Learned about the prioritization process during this encounter.”

Life Sciences / Biotech Company F.M.

“Fast. Ticket was completed in less than an hour. Thank you”

Property Management R.V.

“David was outstanding and took straightened out all of my computer issues very quickly.”

Property Management J.P.


Cybersecurity Services in Manchester

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Clients That Trust Us for Their Cyber Security in Manchester

An Overview of Our Cybersecurity in Manchester

End-to-End Security Protection

We will review your security needs and work with you to develop personalized cybersecurity roadmaps that offer total system protection including:

  • Cybersecurity planning
  • System monitoring
  • Antivirus/firewall management
  • Security hardware/software procurement
  • Patch and update management
  • Backup and recovery planning

Don’t get stuck with a fragmented IT strategy offered by other Manchester cybersecurity companies. Work with NENS and get a comprehensive solution that covers all your bases.

In-Depth Employee Training

Employees are one of the biggest risks in business security planning, with many end-users susceptible to phishing scams, email attacks, malware and more. 

Eliminate risks associated with phishing attempts through social engineering by leveraging NENS’ security awareness training programs:

  • Baseline testing
  • Interactive educational tools
  • Automated, simulated phishing training
  • Enterprise-strength reporting on results

We ensure your teams are never caught off guard by cyber threats and always have the tools they need to keep your business safe.

24/7/365 Visibility

Do you have the ability to monitor and respond to network issues before they can impact your business? 

Few businesses do, which is why so many turn to experienced cyber security companies in Manchester like NENS for support.

We offer round-the-clock system monitoring to bring full visibility to your IT system. Our engineers monitor your network for issues and offer proactive solutions that keep your system running. 

With our help, you can rest easy knowing that there will always be someone watching out for your system. 

Restore Lost Data Quickly

An essential part of cybersecurity in Manchester involves creating detailed backup strategies that prevent the loss of critical data. 

At NENS, we work with you to develop personalized, cloud-based backups that allow you to restore lost data. Our comprehensive assessment processes ensure that important data points are covered and that nothing falls through the cracks. 

Should your data get lost, corrupted or compromised, we will help you restore your information and get you back to work in record time.

Maintain Business Continuity

Is your business prepared to adapt in the face of natural disasters, ransomware or other outages?

As one of the leading cyber security firms in Manchester, NENS understands how important business continuity planning is for companies of all sizes. We can help you design a multi-pronged recovery strategy built around:

  • Cloud-based backups
  • Virtualizations
  • On/off-premise storage
  • Data restoration

With our help, you will never have to worry about downtime interrupting your business operations.

Safeguard Data From Prying Eyes

Our encryption services protect data in transit and at rest, restricting access from unauthorized users. We accomplish this with best-in-class technology that safeguards all essential communication data:

  • Email protection and spam filtering 
  • User authentication and password management
  • Artificial intelligence (AI)
  • And more

Benefit From Cloud-Based Efficiency

Our cloud security services form an essential part of your digital transformation, offering industry-leading security to support your company:

  • 24/7 cloud monitoring
  • Backup and restoration services
  • Governance and compliance consulting
  • Security across all devices, even home networks

Do not delay your cloud project any longer! NENS provides the easiest cloud solutions among any cybersecurity company in Manchester.

Gain Best-in-Class Cybersecurity Protection from NENS

Don’t leave the security of your sensitive data to chance!

What Makes NENS Unique Among Other Cyber Security Companies in Manchester?

25+ Years

As a leading cybersecurity firm in Manchester


SIEM monitoring through our dedicated SOC


How often SLA expectations are met or exceeded
Cyber Security Services Manchester

Get Complete Cybersecurity Protection in Manchester That Exceeds Industry Standards

Why settle for cybersecurity firms in Manchester that offer little more than the bare minimum of protection against security threats?

At NENS, we go above and beyond other cyber security companies by exceeding security industry standards through:

  • 24/7 SIEM & SOC monitoring
  • Annual security risk assessments
  • Employee cybersecurity training
  • Next-generation AI & heuristic antivirus software
  • Organized reviews of emerging trends and new technologies

Standardize and Improve Your Cybersecurity Management Goals

Create a more predictable and reliable cybersecurity infrastructure by choosing an MSSP with the right security expertise.

At our Manchester cyber security firm, we leverage detailed assessment tools and analytics that help us standardize our improvement processes.

We will leverage personalized assessments and 6-quarter plans to ensure you receive the highest level of service available.

Manchester Cyber Security
Manchester Cyber Security Services

Benefit From Comprehensive Reports That Offer 100% IT Visibility

Remain confident that your cyber security in Manchester will keep you safe at all times.

At NENS, we perform comprehensive network assessments on all clients that give us insight into your security features, vulnerabilities and strengths.

We will share these findings with comprehensive reports and ongoing meetings that bring 100% transparency to your IT operations.

With NENS, you can rest easy knowing that you are always receiving the best service possible from your Manchester IT security company.

Frequently Asked Questions About our Manchester Cyber Security Services

What can your cyber security services in Manchester protect my business from?

As a top cybersecurity firm in Manchester, NH, we serve as your reliable security expert, safeguarding your business against various threats such as:

  • Malware
  • Ransomware
  • Phishing scams
  • Social engineering attacks
  • And many other potential risks.

We are eager to provide further details on the comprehensive scope of our cybersecurity solutions. To gain further insight, schedule a consultation with our team of experts today.

How much can I expect to pay for managed cybersecurity services in Manchester?

The cost of our managed cybersecurity services in Manchester can fluctuate based on various factors, which include:

  • The size of your business
  • The complexity of your security challenges
  • The specific security solutions that are required to overcome those challenges

Generally, it’s not unusual to spend anywhere from a few hundred to a few thousand dollars per month based on your individual requirements.

To gain further insight into our pricing structure, schedule a consultation with our team today and receive a complimentary quote.

What can your cyber security company in Manchester do for my business?

With years of experience in the industry, we are a premier cybersecurity firm in Manchester that brings unparalleled expertise to every engagement.

Our team of seasoned professionals specializes in a broad range of cybersecurity services designed to safeguard your business, including:

  • Network security
  • Cloud security services
  • Advanced managed security
  • Protection for mobile devices
  • 24/7 alerting and monitoring
  • and many other security solutions

Partnering with NENS for managed cybersecurity services grants you access to a comprehensive suite of security solutions that help protect your business against potential threats.