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Cybersecurity initiatives are on the rise ? and it?s no surprise. Every day there are new ways for a hacker to bring your organization to your knees. Ransomware, malware, phishing emails, DDoS, and application security attacks are breaching firewalls and corrupting or stealing critical data on a daily basis.

If you?re not worried, you should be ? and many organizations are working hard towards improving their cybersecurity programs to avoid making the nightly news as the next big victim.

It makes sense then that cybersecurity spending is expected to be at an?all-time high in 2019. What many business leaders don?t realize, however, is that not all that cybersecurity spend is allocated evenly. In fact, application security is a part of an organization?s cybersecurity plan that is often overlooked.

Do you want to keep your cybersecurity initiatives one step ahead of attackers? Take this into consideration.

Prioritize Your Application Security

Although organizations of all sizes are increasing how much they allot towards cybersecurity, it?s network security they usually focus on. In fact, most organizations spend?only 10%?of their cybersecurity budget on application security ? yet, it?s one of the most critical vulnerabilities in every organization.

To say application security is critical for your organization isn?t doing it justice. The security of applications, ranging from those on every employee?s computer to those used on?endpoint devices?like smartphones or tablets, is critical since they can be the front line towards attacks from outside sources. Think of how many applications your employees may use on a given day that?s an incredible amount of potential entry points for attack.

In order to improve application security, you need to prioritize application security in your organization. Whether it be via an in-house IT team or through an outside managed services vendor, changing your focus to ensure application security is the first step in improving your organization?s overall security effectiveness.

Keep Your Applications Updated

Over time, functions of business tend to fade. Great workers retire or leave, computers slow down, and old hardware will break. Like all aspects of your organization, applications at some point need to be improved upon ? done via patches and software updates.

A lot of these updates aren?t just for improved performance or a new look ? it?s to protect against vulnerabilities built into the app.

Hackers have been accessing application vulnerabilities since day one ? which means they?re going to be doing it until the last application on the last computer stops running. If your application is out of date, you?re putting a giant target on your organization ? and with cybercrime on the rise, it?s only a matter of time before your business is a victim.

When In Doubt, Call A Professional

If all of this has your head spinning, you?re not alone. It?s not your job as a business leader to worry about the latest cyber threats and how to protect against them, but to run a successful business doing what you do best. That?s why there are plenty of professionals out there ready to help you?manage your organization?s cybersecurity.

Not all of these firms are created equal. When it comes to handing over your business? cybersecurity initiatives, you want to make sure you?re working with a partner you trust. At?NENS, our staff has helped countless Boston-area businesses improve their cybersecurity initiatives, from applications to networks and everything in between.?Contact us?today to learn how we can keep your organization ? and your applications ? as safe as possible in 2019 and beyond.