LOWELL, MA, August 30, 2021 – After nearly 30 successful years of leadership, Daniel Adams, Founder and CEO at New England Network Solutions, LLC (NENS), announced that he will be taking the role of Chairman of the Board. Michael Kourkoulakos was named the new CEO and Joshua Oakes was named the new President. Both executives were formerly members of the senior management team at Thrive Networks, Inc. before joining the executive team at NENS a decade ago. Adams will continue to oversee the executive team while scaling back his role in the day-to-day operations at NENS.

In Kourkoulakos’ role as CEO, he will be focused on steering the strategic direction of the company. He will lead all business development efforts and ensure that the portfolio of products and services the company offers meet the stringent quality standards NENS clients have come to expect. Michael will also continue his focus on company culture, making sure NENS is a career destination for the very best talent in the industry.

In Oakes’ role as President, he will be focused on the day-to-day execution towards the company’s vision. He will lead the management team, ensuring metrics and goals are being met in every department. He will be responsible for overseeing the operating budget, the profit and loss of all lines of business, all capital investments, and strategic partnerships.

“It has been a pleasure to serve as the President/CEO of NENS as we have risen to be a premier provider of IT managed services. I am grateful for the opportunity this position provided me to work with so many amazing people both as employees and clients.” Adams commented. “With Michael and Josh taking these roles, NENS is strongly positioned to continue as a leader of IT Services in the Greater Boston market. NENS and I have benefited from the talents and leadership of these two for the past decade. I look forward to serving on the board and to continue providing oversight and guidance.”

“Josh and I are honored and humbled to be appointed to lead such an amazing and talented group of people. We were awarded Inc. magazine’s Best Workplaces in 2021, this has been an ongoing goal of ours and we owe it to our strong culture and core values.” Kourkoulakos commented.

“Having a wonderful culture to keep and attract talent, excellent customer relationships and a NextGen services offering is what has fueled our growth and maturity.

Delivering an excellent customer experience is rooted in the ethos of NENS. NENS is a customer service organization first and foremost. We consistently communicate with our clients to better understand their needs. Those conversations have played a pivotal role in the evolution of NENS and our services and we are well positioned to meet the increased Cloud, SaaS, and Cybersecurity needs of our clients.

It has been a privilege to work alongside Dan and Josh, and that will continue in our new roles, I am excited to lead and serve NENS, and about the opportunities that lie ahead.”

“I want to thank Dan, Mike and the entire team for trusting me with this new and exciting charter.” Oakes commented.

“In my role as President, I will work to ensure that NENS is strategically and financially positioned for growth so we can continue to provide development and career opportunities for our employees, and so we can continue to meet the complex and changing needs of our clients.

Many technology service providers focus so much on toolsets and marketing messages that they fail to design their service delivery processes with customer experience in mind. I believe this is part of our competitive advantage at NENS, and one reason we have industry-high client retention. Part of my mission is to make sure we are constantly evaluating and investing in training, tools, and processes, that at their foundation drive excellent support experiences for our clients, their end users, our employees, and our partners.”

About New England Network Solutions (NENS)

NENS, named to Inc. magazine’s list of Best Workplaces, is a premier provider of IT services with a focus on IT managed services and cyber security solutions. NENS has been consistently recognized by multiple industry publications as a pioneering MSP and industry leader. NENS has provided technology support and leadership to the Greater Boston market for over 25 years. With a deep understanding on how technology impacts the bottom line, NENS brings IT services to a whole new level for their clients, with guaranteed SLAs, and best-in-class IT services and support.