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End-to-end security that protects your IT infrastructure.

Protect Your Data With Cyber Security in New Hampshire

Take comfort that your business is well protected with cutting-edge technology and evolving cyber security processes.

Why choose NENS for cyber security in New Hampshire?

Reduce costly downtime by relying on our backup and recovery services that restore data in minutes.

Educate your team to detect common threat vectors through professional anti-phishing user training.

Protect your entire network with SOC monitoring from the leader of New Hampshire cybersecurity companies.

Keep devices secure with comprehensive password training and multi-factor authentication.

Comprehensive cloud consulting services to leverage cloud computing safely so you do not fall prey to new exposures

Avoid system vulnerabilities with in-depth security analysis and risk management.

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Brands That Rely On Us For Their New Hampshire Cyber Security

Quality Features and Services of Cybersecurity in New Hampshire

Security That Covers Everything

When it comes to your entire network, do not settle for other New Hampshire cybersecurity companies; depend on the company that provides end-to-end security protection:

  • Virus/malware protection
  • Patch management
  • Dark web research
  • Firewall protection

When it comes to your infrastructure, you cannot afford to rely on cyber security companies in New Hampshire that only do half the job. Partner with us to keep your data safe and your network secure from all potential threats.

Protection You Need 24/7/365

New Hampshire IT security companies know a cyber attack can come from virtually anywhere, which is why you need constant monitoring to keep your network safe. With 24/7 monitoring, you will benefit from:
Real-time alerts

  • Secure wireless devices
  • Security Information and Event Management (SIEM)
  • And more

Depend on our security managers to constantly watch over your network to start to resolve a problem before it impacts business.

Have Your Data Restored in Minutes

At some point, disaster strikes, whether from user error, natural disaster, or a cyber attack, you need to access your missing data as soon as possible. Our advanced backup solutions include:

  • Quick restoration turnaround
  • Business continuity planning
  • Cloud backup solutions
  • Enhanced MS O365 backup

Do not take a chance on other cybersecurity firms in New Hampshire that might not offer an entire backup and recovery solution. When it comes to your backup safety net, you want the best.

Added Protection With the Cloud

Having integrated information systems in the cloud is a great way to add flexibility for your employees, and scalability for your business, but only if the cloud is fully secure. Our cloud solutions consist of:

  • 24/7 security operations center (SOC)
  • Thread detection and isolation
  • Single Sign-On and Multi-Factor Authentication
  • Backup and business continuity services
  • Next-gen firewall and VPN solutions
  • Security Information and Event Management (SIEM)
  • And more

Whether you are working from home or the office, you can rest assured that your data will always have the highest level of protection.

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What Companies Say About Our Top-Tier Cyber Security in New Hampshire

Awesome service! Tech was on time and “on it!”

Manufacturing, R.C.

Excellent and speedy response time!

Life Sciences / Biotech Company, R.P.

The NENS team was so friendly and responsive. Took good care to be sure I was satisfied with the outcome. Much appreciated.

Insurance Industry, N.O.

Reth was exceptional and saw the fix all the way to the end. Very confident in his ability to resolve the issue quickly from the moment we began to troubleshoot.

Insurance Industry, B.B.

Why You Should Choose Us as Your New Hampshire Cyber Security Company

We Are Your First Line of Defense Against Cyber Attacks

There are many components to a company’s IT infrastructure. What was fairly simple a few years back with everything behind your business doors is now spread across the cloud. You had one front to protect before but now it is hard to keep track of all of the attack surfaces. A single gap in your information security could leave you vulnerable to stolen data or ransomware.

Through constant research of new technologies and evolving methodologies, we know how to keep your data safe:

  • Service from our security operations center (SOC)
  • Next-Gen AI and heuristic software
  • Patch management and routine updates
  • DNS control to prevent site hijacking
  • Next-gen cyber perimeter protection
  • Security Information and Event Management (SIEM)
  • And much more

Do not rely on other cybersecurity companies in New Hampshire who claim they offer leading security services. Only NENS provides a comprehensive solution to cyber attacks.

Cyber Security in New Hampshire

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Lockout Potential Threats by Relying on Innovative Cybersecurity Engineering Solutions

New Hampshire Cyber Security Company

Know How Vulnerable You Are With Security Risk Assessment performed by Security Analyst

You cannot fix what you do not know is broken. We conduct an assessment based on the NIST 800.171 cyber security framework to analyze your entire threat surface.

Through our easy to understand reports and assessments, you will know exactly where your weaknesses are so we can begin to create a tailored solution that fills these gaps and keeps you secure.

After a few minutes with us, you will understand why we are on the premier New Hampshire cyber security firms.

What Makes Us the Leader Among New Hampshire IT security companies

Our cybersecurity efforts are not just recommending an AV here or a firewall there. We have a technology committee comprised of cyber security consultants, senior engineers and IT business executives who stay current on best practices and emerging trends in cybersecurity.

We also continue to research market trends, new technology, and emerging cyber threats, so we know how best to protect your business. regularly evaluate technologies and strategies to protect businesses.

For over 30 years, we have been the leader of cyber security firms in New Hampshire by providing fast growing businesses with unparalleled cybersecurity services.

There might be other cybersecurity companies in New Hampshire, but only NENS has a unique defined cybersecurity minimums to protect your infrastructure.

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How do you ensure top-tier cybersecurity for our business?

NENS goes beyond industry standards in cybersecurity. We employ a multifaceted approach, annual risk assessments, and employee training on cybersecurity, amongst others.

We also invest in next-gen AI and ML EDR anti-virus software covering zero-day exploits and can provide 24/7 monitoring through SIEM and a SOC.

This ensures comprehensive and top-notch protection of your business assets, giving you peace of mind and confidence that your company’s IT system security is in capable hands.

How quickly will your cybersecurity experts respond in the event of a cyber incident?

NENS has a sterling reputation for swift response times. In the event of a cybersecurity incident, we average call response within just 1.6 rings.

With NENS, you benefit from immediate, effective action when matters most, minimizing disruption and potential damage from cybersecurity incidents.

What can I expect to pay for your cybersecurity services?

The cost of our New Hampshire cybersecurity services at NENS is designed to be flexible and vary according to your company’s specific needs.

Our pricing strategy factors in the size and complexity of your IT infrastructure, relevant security requirements, and chosen level of managed service.

For a more specific cost breakdown, we recommend setting up a consultation so that we can fully understand your requirements and provide an accurate quote.