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How to Reduce the Noise from Your Servers

How to Reduce the Noise from Your Servers

One IT problem that you may have heard about is server noise. A server unit is a noisy piece of equipment, because it comes with multiple fans used to keep the machine cool. One big reason why servers are banished to their own room is because of all the noise they...

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Windows XP is a Liability for Your Business

If you are still running your business or home PC on Windows XP, then it's vital that you upgrade to a newer OS. Yes, your decade-old Windows XP system may be working just fine, and therefore, you may not feel the urgency to upgrade, but you will feel the heat next...

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Managed Care

Designed for the business leader who wants to put the focus on their business, not wrestle with IT challenges, we provide a complete managed IT service solution. Managed Care is ideal for the business owner that understands every moment spent away from the core business means sacrificing valuable time and real money.

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