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While most of the world is currently tuning into the 2018 Winter Olympics in Pyeongchang to see if their country is taking home a gold medal, cybersecurity professionals have had a keen interest in the event for a different reason.

According to Olympic officials, internet disruptions during the 2018 Olympic opening ceremonies were caused by cyber-attacks. These attacks interrupted live and drone broadcasts, affected the official website for the events, and prevented spectators from entering the ceremony by restricting their access to printing their tickets.

If cybercriminals can wreak havoc at an international event like the Olympics, does this mean they can cause chaos at your organization?? Absolutely.



Cyber Criminals Know No Boundaries

The case for whether the attacks were state-sponsored or done by a single entity is still up for debate; however, what is known is that in the 21st century cyber criminals know no boundaries.

More than half of businesses across the globe have been victims of cyberattacks, with 14 million of American businesses currently at risk. Attacks range from personal phishing scams for profit, to state-sponsored endeavors to sway political elections.

And these attacks aren?t cheap. Cyber-attacks cost small-and-medium-sized-businesses an average of $117,00 per attack which could cripple an unprepared organization.


The Olympic Attack Is Just the Beginning

One thing is for certain in regards to cybercrimes – the trend is only moving forward. Attacks like the 2018 Olympic opening ceremony are only the beginning of what is to come.

Across the globe, over 4,000 malware attacks occur each day, and this trend isn?t likely to slow anytime soon. Since it?s such a quickly growing threat, the demand for security can?t keep up, and cybercriminals know this. As long as there?s opportunity, criminals will continue to plan attacks – and businesses will lose precious data and money.


Being Protected Is Being Proactive – And Prepared

We know that cybercrime is on the rise, and that it?s not likely to end anytime soon, so what are business leaders to do? The worst thing is nothing, and the best thing is to prepare.

While there will always be attacks or attempted attacks, the difference between a devastating attack and a prevented attack is the security protocols organizations have in place. From smart user practices to at-the-ready cybersecurity reactionary strategies, knowing you will be attacked – and knowing what you will do when attacked – is the only way to prepare for cyberattacks.

Working with a local IT consultant to aid and manage your IT security is the safest way to ensure your organization is prepared for its time in the cybercriminal spotlight. When you hire an IT consultant for your network and cybersecurity, you?re choosing a team of professionals who dedicate their time and expertise to keeping your organization safe from attacks of all kind.

Give us a call today, and we?ll explain just what cyber security precautions you need and how we can ensure you?ll get back up on your feet after an attack.