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For most businesses in the digital age, keeping up with transformation means staying one step ahead of the competition?s technology. For that reason, many organizations are looking to outsourcing IT as their next strategic business move?and if you?re organization is currently looking for a leg-up on the competition, outsourcing IT may be the boost you need.


The Growing Digital Trend


The ongoing digital transformation, or to put it simply, the increased reliance on technology in business and personal lives, is powering change in businesses across the world. Thanks to new technologies, businesses today are able to do functions that previous generations could only dream of, and terms like big data and automation are being thrown around like candy.


Emerging technologies from worldwide internet to improved CRM functions provide small and medium sized businesses with possibilities previously far beyond the scope of their revenue market. Across the globe it?s estimated that $1.7 trillion will be spent on digital transformation in 2017 alone, which means that in today?s digital economy, success relies on the technology used as well as sound business strategy.


Organizations that don?t keep up with the times are bound to fall behind, which means for many business? digital innovation is a necessary step.


Outsourcing As An Innovative Answer


According to a recent survey by Deloitte, over 35% of respondents say they?re already measuring the innovator functions of their outsourcing partnerships. In short, this means one third of the companies they talked to are already looking at outsourcing as a function of innovation and not just a cheaper way to get things done.


Traditionally, IT outsourcing was seen as a way to lower IT costs by reducing the need for an extended in-house team. Today, however, IT outsourcing is seen as the peak innovative choice for organizations looking to improve their digital footprint without spending all their revenue.


Outsourcing IT means hiring a team of dedicated professionals to work alongside you in the digital aspect of your business. Through outsourcing, more organizations are able to partake in digital trends like automation, IoT integration, e-commerce and analytics that otherwise wouldn?t be possible. And as the world continues to revolve more around user-centered technology like computers and smartphones, in order to thrive, a business must have made a successful footprint in that space to garner interest from potential customers.


Making Your Innovative, Digital Step


If you?re ready to expand your organization?s digital footprint, then you?re probably ready to look into working with an IT consultant. Finding the right fit, however, is just as an important aspect as the innovation an IT partner is sure to bring your company.


Working with a local IT consultant is the best way to ensure your business will get the time and attention it deserves in your outsourced IT partnership. NENs has a longstanding history of IT partnerships with local Boston businesses, and is ready to help your organization take its next step towards digital innovation.