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The days of having your entire IT needs done in-house may be over, replaced in part by businesses choosing and trusting managed security services to handle their cyber threats.


The idea of ?handing over the keys? to a stranger to be responsible can be stressful for many business owners and IT professionals alike, but with cybersecurity threats growing across the globe, managed security services are becoming a necessary reality.


A growing trend


In a recent report by Trustwave, 43 percent of respondents either plan to partner with or already are partnered with a Managed Security Service Provider (MSSP) in the coming year. The cybersecurity market is expected to grow upwards of $200B by 2021, which means more offerings are going to become available, giving business owners even more choices when it comes to partnering with a MSSP for their security concerns.


Working with an MSSP is no longer a fringe move for business owners. As cybersecurity risks are growing in the digital age, more business owners are placing a value in professional security services that they know their in-house IT teams can?t compare to. Choosing to work with an MSSP is no longer seen as a major risk to vendors, and may end up being one of the smartest financial moves they make.


An answer for those with no others


Some of the most popular clients for MSSP?s are the smaller businesses that can?t afford their own in-house IT teams.


It doesn?t matter the size of a business, cybersecurity threats are always present. While major corporations may have millions of dollars to funnel into protection against the next wave of cyber-attacks, small-and-medium sized businesses probably lack that funding. Working with an MSSP gives them the protection of enterprise-level security without the price tag of a fortune 500-sized IT team.


Additionally, companies that may lack the IT-suave of more technology-centered organizations may find MSSP?s their best option. Letting an MSSP take over their IT and cybersecurity responsibilities allows them to expand their interests into the aspects of business that will grow their organizations.


Choosing a partner you trust


When the time comes to choosing an MSSP, trust is everything. Although MSSP?s are now a common option for businesses, disasters can still strike when you work with a novice or untrustworthy vendor.


Start gradually with services so you can keep an eye on them and ensure they?re working with and for your business. Additionally, ensure you both have similar incident response plans in place so you?ll know the plan of action when a disaster or problem occurs.


Additionally, make sure you do your homework and have some background on any MSSP you plan to work with. Do they have any testimonials you can read, are their technologies and certifications up-to-date, and have they had any major downtime in the recent past? These are all vital pieces of background knowledge to be aware of before you jump in, and will help you find an MSSP you can rely on and trust.


One of the most effective methods to finding an MSSP you can trust is to work with a local partner involved in your community. That?s why a lot of local Boston businesses choose to work with NENs, one of the leading IT consultants in the Boston area. As a fellow local business, we can act as your trusted IT neighbor when it comes to cybersecurity threats facing your organization.