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Security issues Small to Mid-Sized Companies face, ie. Money, business disruptions, out of date IT and Human error

Security Worries of Small and Mid-Sized Companies?

Organizations of every size depend on information technology to conduct business-related activities. Since modern day businesses rely so heavily on IT, any weakness in IT security could be catastrophic. So what will your business risk in the event of an IT security breach? Here are the realities of a cyber attack.


Your business will lose money

While most businesses assume monetary loses will come from hackers stealing company finances, there are many more costs related to a cyber attack. The organization could face industry fines, government penalties, client/customer lawsuits and loss of future business. In 2013, Target suffered from a data breach, resulting in the company paying over $18 million due to nationwide lawsuits.


Your business will face operational disruptions

Cyber attacks can result in unprecedented disruptions for a company?s external service and internal service. Whether facing a DDOS attack or IP theft, IT failure compromises the entire system. Identifying the attack, correcting the problem, restoring services and refortifying security will cause massive operational ripples through the company.


Your IT security could not be up-to-date

Even after recovering from a cyber attack, IT security may find themselves struggling to defend their company from new and unexpected attacks. Between the numerous types of hackers (Black Hats, White Hats, Gray Hats, Hacktivists, etc.) and the various types of cyber attacks (DDOS, phishing, virus, APTS, etc.), IT security must be constantly evolving to the ever-changing landscape.


Human error will likely cause an IT security breach

Even the most sophisticated IT security system cannot protect a company from the actions of a misguided employee. Between people using similar passwords and employees not? exercising caution when receiving questionable emails, human error often enables a hacker to launch a cyber attack. The good news is human error can be easily reduced by educating employees on IT security threats.


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