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At NENS, we understand that every business is different, as are your IT needs. But no matter your business specialty, size or strategy, everyone can harness the efficiencies and value gained by implementing best practices. To help you achieve your technology and business goals, NENS offers four standard levels of managed IT services.

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Invest Wisely To Support Your IT Needs

Digital reliance has quickly become an integral part of almost every industry on the planet. We use computers and the internet on a daily basis. Many times, we don’t even realize how much information we divulge to our computers and our mobile devices. We trust that our information will remain safe and protected. In this […]

Digital reliance has quickly become an integral part of almost every industry on the planet.

We use computers and the internet on a daily basis. Many times, we don’t even realize how much information we divulge to our computers and our mobile devices. We trust that our information will remain safe and protected.

In this day and age, though, we can no longer blindly trust that the web has our best interests at heart. In fact, most government agencies have old and outdated systems that have left our personal, digital information vulnerable for the world to misuse.

Keeping our personal and professional information, as well as our clients’ information, safe and secure must be one of the main focal points within our business plans and strategies. Failure to keep this information safe can lead to the demise of our companies.

Cyber attacks in the form of ransomware, malware, and viruses are on the rise. Businesses large or small have become easy targets for a growing population of hackers across the planet.

Whether you’re a small company, a medium-sized company, or a large company – it is imperative that you find and use a solution that can ensure your digital assets are protected.

Make sure you do your research when choosing a company or solution that will manage your IT support services and remember to consider the above five tips when making your final selection.

Ensuring your company is never caught off-guard when it comes to protecting your servers, networks, and workstations is key to optimal productivity.

Secure yourself and your IT support services needs by aligning technology with your business.

As small to medium-sized companies are becoming the new targets for hackers. So, it’s no wonder that investing in quality IT support services has become necessary in this 21st century digital business world.

Here are some of the top ways to protect your digital assets.

5 Tips For Maximizing Your IT Support Services Investment

We trust much of our personal and professional information to things such as ‘the cloud’ and various servers and databases. Usually, we assume that the virus protection programs already installed on our computers are enough to ward off cyber villains.

Sadly, though, that’s just not the reality anymore.

A good IT support services team can make all the difference. Here are some tips to make sure you stay digitally safeguarded and get the best ROI for your investment of services.

  1. Remember – Size Matters

Choosing the right type of IT support services should be based on the size of your company, the amount of digital information that you store/use, as well as how dependent you are on technology.

There is no reason for a smaller company to be talked into choosing IT support services that are big enough, and pricey enough, to support the CIA or the FBI’s needs. Every company has specific digital protection needs. Don’t be talked into services that you don’t need for your business.

But that said, you need to know what is at stake – your business and how it supports you.  You need a properly sized services and solutions to protect your business productivity.

  1. Security Offered

It is always best to be prepared before you go shopping.  If you can, start with a good idea of which services you need.

Worried about keeping your company immune to viruses or cyber attacks, but feel comfortable maintaining your server and workstation work on your own? You may only want to consider a security managed service.

If you’re a company that can handle basic desktop support and troubleshooting but could benefit from server and network protection, consider opting for a server managed service.

If you want to be totally hands-off with anything IT related so you can focus on growing and maintaining your business, consider a total managed service. This type of service allows you to focus on the daily needs and operations of your company without worry.

Outsourcing to qualified experts to monitor your IT support services needs could give you a much-needed peace of mind.

  1. Turnaround Time

In business, our time is money. Spending unnecessary time working on trying to correct various IT issues or situations can take away from your daily operational needs.

However in this digital marketplace, when a need for IT support services arises, which it will, you need a plan of action that can immediately remedy your tech troubles. Furthermore, you need the turnaround time to be quick and efficient.

Look for a solution that offers a proven record of quality and expeditious service.

The key here is SLA – which is “Service Level Agreement”.  Make sure the company you are considering has a proven history of providing service in a manner consistent to your expectations and requirements.  The SLA will also protect you in that if they fail to meet the agreement, you receive some level of compensation and are potentially free to find another service provider to meet your target.

  1. Customer Service Level

Another necessary component to consider when looking for IT support services that are worth your investment will be the level of customer service.  How are you treated?  What is the attitude?

IT issues are frustrating on their own. Working with a service company to remedy any tech needs or situations that arise needs to be streamlined, professional, and efficient.

Find a company or solution provider that can guarantee quality results with superb customer service. No one wants to become further annoyed by dealing with IT support staff that is rude, unprofessional, and wastes your time.

You may find a shop that has a discount rate but the response time and customer service might not be what you really require.

  1. Accessibility

One more incredibly important aspect to consider when weighing your options for outsourcing IT support services is accessibility.

Being placed on hold, leaving messages, and waiting for days to fix any IT issues that may arise adds frustration when it isn’t needed. Finding a company that can ensure immediate response and accessibility should be huge factors in choosing a solution that provides the most bang for your buck.

Are you a company that needs support for mobile apps and devices? Another reason why quick accessibility to IT support professionals should be strongly considered.

Test this, call them, do they pick up?  Is it an automated service or phone system?  How quickly do you get to someone that can help?

We are here to help!

If you have additional questions – please do not hesitate to contact us.  We will help any way we can, and if we are not the best fit for you and your company we will do our best to point you in the direction to meet your goals.

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Managed IT Services: A Commodity or Value Add?

Unless you have a massive budget and team for IT, your organization is probably looking towards managed IT service options and asking the pivotal question: Are managed IT services a commodity, or a value add?   While most organizations originally look to managed IT services for cost-cutting purposes, managed IT services offer a lot more […]

Unless you have a massive budget and team for IT, your organization is probably looking towards managed IT service options and asking the pivotal question: Are managed IT services a commodity, or a value add?


While most organizations originally look to managed IT services for cost-cutting purposes, managed IT services offer a lot more than just decreased IT spend, and can help create a whole new value add to the technological side of your business.

Managing an IT World


In the digital age, not having an IT presence is pretty much impossible. Whether it be strictly for IT maintenance of personal computers, setting up and running networks, or implementing new and improved technologies to increase customer engagement and revenue, having access to proper IT management isn’t just a good-to-have aspect of business, it’s critical.


Large corporations work in the digital age by hiring massive amounts of people to run their IT departments, and can do it all in house. Smaller organizations, however, have had to become a little craftier with their IT budgets, leading to increased use of managed IT services for day-to-day operations and digital transformation.


More Time To Do What’s Important


For most organizations without the budget to house a massive in-house IT team, managed IT services are the way to go. Traditionally, these services have been seen as the best cost-effective way to ensure IT management, but as the digital age progresses, it’s becoming apparent they can offer a lot more value than simply keeping your network afloat.


When you choose to work with a managed IT services provider, you’re getting more of what’s most valuable to you – your time. You’re essentially handing over your IT responsibilities to a team of experts who focus solely in that field which allows a busy C-level executive a bit of break when it comes to managing their team – because it means they have one less aspect of the company to worry about. For smaller companies, handing over IT to managed service providers gives their executives more crucial time to be working on the most important problems facing their business – those affecting revenue and the future of the company.


Innovation Has No Speed Limit


Value add for managed IT services doesn’t stop simply at more time for overworked executives, but also in the technology at play. If you work with a managed IT provider, your choices aren’t limited – which means to keep your business, a good managed IT provider is going to keep their technology and strategies top-notch to fend off competitors.


If you decide to run all IT in-house, any updates needed to keep up with your competition in the IT spectrum will be coming from your budget and bottom line – and in the digital age, those updates are numerous as technology continues to grow. When working with a managed IT service provider, their system updates and upgrades to keep them competitive will not be tied to your revenue, meaning you won’t need to spend nearly as much to ensure your business is operating at the technical proficiency of your competitors.


In human history, innovation has never had a speed limit – but that rate of innovation has started going even faster as our technological growth has skyrocketed. Falling behind can mean complete failure depending on your market.


Getting Started


Whether you’re looking to add value to your company or simply save money by considering managed IT services, finding the right fit for your organization is important. Working with a trusted and local managed IT service provider helps guarantee your organization’s IT needs are in in the right hands – for the problems facing today, and whatever the digital transformation of tomorrow may bring with it.

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What our clients have to say
  • Since Advantage Payroll began working with NENS over six years ago, there have been many changes in technology. NENS has helped Advantage grow into the 21st century. Data security is a great concern in our industry, and NENS has made it very easy to protect our clients’ sensitive information.

    Ryan Stacy
    Advantage Payroll
  • I can’t say enough great things about NENS. They are professional, friendly, and responsive and the perfect fit for our company. Actually, they make me feel as if they are an extension of our company (the IT department), just under a different name and housed in a separate facility. I rarely have issues and when […]

    Nicole S.
    Action Lock & Key
  • Over the years, NENS has been a great service partner for Prospeed. We have complimentary areas of expertise and by referring each other to new clients and working together, the clients get a feeling that they get a package deal with our two offerings. We both share a strong interest in combining top notch customer […]

    John Donovan, Prospeed
  • We have used New England Network Solutions IT services for several years. Knowing that they are always there for us whenever we have computer or software issues is a great relief. We run a very active business and we can’t afford any downtime for email, accounting and Internet access, where our scheduling calendar is available […]

    Ann Braucher, Office Manager @ Black Lab Alarm, Inc.
  • The GHI Companies recently completed a server upgrade with NENS and we couldn’t be happier! From the kick-off meeting to the closing conference NENS performed as promised and then some. As a service business it was critical that we minimized “down-time” during the conversion process and complete the project on schedule, and the consultant went […]

    -Michael Hughes, GHI Companies
  • I would 100% recommend NENS to anyone. Otherwise we would be looking elsewhere. We learned the hard way. With our previous IT company, I once spent 75% of my work week on IT related issues . Now I spend about 25% on IT related work each week, which we consider normal, since we do not […]

    Laurie Buonopane
    Aetna Lighting
  • “We are about 60% more effective, since we contracted with NENS. The new IT structure helped our office work more efficiently and NENS was able to help make our performance faster. NENS was able to diagnose issues quickly and fix them in a timely manner.”

    Kristen Hammond
    Office Manager, Mill City Medical Group
  • Ryan Stacy
  • Nicole S.
  • John Donovan, Prospeed
  • Ann Braucher, Office Manager @ Black Lab Alarm, Inc.
  • GHI
  • Laurie Buonopane
  • Kristen Hammond