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More Small Businesses Under Cyber Security Attacks in 2018

Think your small business is safe from cyber attacks? Think again. According to the National Cyber Security Alliance, over 70% of cyber attacks target small businesses, nearly 50% of small businesses experience a cyber attack and nearly 60% of compromised small business permanently shut their doors after six months. If these statistics concern you, don?t worry. We have some quick tips to improve cyber security.


Get a Professional Risk Assessment

Reach out to proper cyber security advisors, sit down with your executive team and discuss the best ways to protect your data, intellectual property and finances. When your team receives a risk assessment, don?t wait! Follow your advisor?s recommendations and implement them as soon as possible.


Don?t Always Rely on IT Staff

After receiving your risk assessment, don?t entirely rely on your IT staff to implement the recommendations. Adding additional security work to an IT staff?s day-to-day activity will often overwhelm the team. It?s best to hire security experts to help achieve the necessary security recommendations.


Watch Out for BEC

BEC (Business Email Compromise) is the most common cyber attack. BEC is a scam which hackers gain access to a corporate email account (or creates a bogus email address) and defraud the company, employees, clients or partners of money. Sophisticated hackers often hack into accounts using such tactics as phishing e-mails, keyloggers, or even direct phone calls. When hackers access to the necessary accounts, they will deceive unsuspecting employees to authorize fraudulent wire transfers.

Although this cyber attack can be very sophisticated, the best way to avoid compromise is to verify the authenticity of the request via face-to-face or voice-to-voice communication.


Adopt a Security Policy Framework

The Center for Internet Security (CIS) Critical Security Controls for Effective Cyber Defense is a publication which offers excellent guidelines and framework for cyber security. With over 15 years of cyber security data, the CIS presents numerous ways to reduce your chances of a cyber attack. Even implementing a handful of CIS?s controls can decrease the chance of a data breach.


Add Additional Password Protection

The significance of protecting passwords is more important than ever. Have your company use a two-step verification process. Encourage employees to develop strong passwords and regularly change them. Develop password vaults and store passwords to keep passwords safe.

Fear not! The team of IT experts at NENS are ready to help your business avoid a cyber attack.