Leadership and resources to get technical tasks on schedule and within budget

Does your task list exceed your schedule?

There are times when we all need a little help.
NENS has resources to help you meet your goals.

it projects

Those who fail to learn from the past are doomed to repeat it. Winston Churchill
It takes repetition to truly master a practice. Where most internal IT people see major projects infrequently, NENS Managed IT services company has several going all the time. We have pre and post planning and review sessions to constantly improve our best practices. We are here to help your project be a success.


hardware and software procurement

Missing small details can lead to large headaches. Unorganized procurement can lead to a mismatch of equipment that raises support costs and reduces performance. NENS leverages our hardware, software, and channel partnerships to provide a substantial advantage to our clientele.


NENS has virtualization expertise to help you whether it is in the cloud or on-premise. We can help with all aspects of planning, design, migration, and support. We also provide planning and migration services for virtual systems.

Onsite scheduled resources

When you need a trained resource on site. Some clients require a recurring scheduled resource to be in their office to meet user support requirements. NENS works with our clients to meet this need from a 1/2 day per month to a daily presence.

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