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Akamai has released a state of internet security report outlining some of the latest trends in cyberattacks across the globe. So what does this mean for your business?


DDoS attacks are shrinking, but still a threat


According to the report, the average size of DDoS attacks shrank from 4Gbps in 2015 to 500 Mbps in the beginning of 2017. And while major attacks (over 100Gbps) still occur, the average size of an attack has shrunk considerably.


That doesn’t mean the threat has passed. Most businesses require 1-10 Gbps for their web uploads, which means an attack of 500Mbps-2Gbps could still be detrimental. Apparently, hackers are learning that smaller, targeted approaches to DDoS attacks may be just as effective as the larger, grand-scale DDoS attacks they previously undertook.


The Bottom Line: DDoS attacks are as much a threat now as they have ever been—even though on paper the attacks themselves appear to be shrinking.


Web application attacks are on the rise


Web application attacks are the other main form of cyberattack, and according to the report, they’ve seen a 35% growth into 2017, with 57% of those attacks sourcing the US. The second most sourced country was The Netherlands, followed by Brazil, China and Germany.


The growth in web application attacks is disconcerting for business owners and IT professionals, because where DDoS attacks may just slow down service for a time during the attack, web application attacks can have lasting repercussions that can be catastrophic to businesses. Breaches in security can lead to security nightmares like ransomware that can bring an organization down to its knees if not properly prevented.


DDoS attacks can be more widespread and slow down businesses, but well-timed web application attacks can potentially take down an entire business’ IT infrastructure.


The Bottom Line: Web application attacks are more prevalent than ever, especially in the US. Business need to be prepared for the onslaught of hacking attempts to come.


Preparing for a future of attacks


Cyberattacks aren’t going away anytime soon, which means business executives and IT professionals need to step up their security games. The most effective way to deal with a hack is to be prepared, and working with a local IT partner is the best way to make progress towards that preparation.


When you choose to with an IT partner like NENs, you’re making the right choice in cybersecurity for your business. You can learn more about our services here.