Cloud Backup: Protecting Your Marketing Assets

We of course here at NENS realize that backing up your data and technology assets is critical for your business, but your marketing assets also need consideration. Below, our guest blogger, Christian Haberamnn, founder of Auctus Marketing here in Boston, shares a systematized approach to protecting your marketing intelligence and assets. The themes and images […]

4 Considerations to Best Align the Cloud For Your Business

  Doesn’t it seem like everyone is jumping into the cloud these days a little too fast? We all know cloud solutions are innovative, efficient and remarkable for many businesses, but a proper evaluation is critical before you dive in. Before you know it, you might find yourself either confined by your new lovely cloud […]

6 Cloud Myths that Hurt Your Business

What you don’t know about cloud technology can hurt your business. Watch Dan as he explains the cloud technology myths, as sometimes when things seem to good to be true, they are. To get the full report – submit a request here:

Client Feedback

“We are about 60% more effective, since we contracted with NENS. The new IT structure helped our office work more efficiently and NENS was able to help make our performance faster. NENS was able to diagnose issues quickly and fix them in a timely manner.”

—Kristen Hammond
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