Is Technology Holding You Back?

If you saw an auto manufacturer using techniques from before the wheel was invented, wouldn’t you suspect it was time for an upgrade? Although their practices may be set in stone, other companies around them are using newer, more streamlined technologies and strategies, and seeing the profits grow from those upgrades. While your business may […]

How To Break Up With Bad Technology And Make Managed Services your Main Squeeze

If you’ve got IT pain, we get it. So many companies do. Now, if you tend to only call when the house is already on fire, then chances are that even the sight of us IT consultants probably brings up some negative associations. But are you ready for some cold hard truth? Your IT pain […]

Fighting the Good Fight Against Fraud: How Solid Strategy Can Protect You from Identity Theft

Bouncing back after identity theft can be a time consuming, torturous process, which is why preventing it from happening in the first place is always a good move and saves IT support fun! Being strategic and thinking through this worst case scenario can pay off in the long run, and today’s post is all about […]

The Cyber Attack from Within! How IT Consultants Can Protect You From a Security Horror Story

Think fast: when’s the last time that someone you don’t know had physical access to your company’s building? And before you say “never!”—take a second to reconsider. Depending on the size of your company, chances are high that you’ve had repair and maintenance staff, friends of your employees, and even clients who you don’t know […]

4 Considerations to Best Align the Cloud For Your Business

  Doesn’t it seem like everyone is jumping into the cloud these days a little too fast? We all know cloud solutions are innovative, efficient and remarkable for many businesses, but a proper evaluation is critical before you dive in. Before you know it, you might find yourself either confined by your new lovely cloud […]

How to Reduce the Noise from Your Servers

One server noise-proofing measure you can take is to use a noise-isolating server rack [which is different than noise proofing]. A noise-isolating rack utilizes foam-sealed front and back doors. In many cases, the noise difference between the foam-sealed doors being open and closed makes the difference if you can or can’t make a phone call. […]

Client Feedback

“We are about 60% more effective, since we contracted with NENS. The new IT structure helped our office work more efficiently and NENS was able to help make our performance faster. NENS was able to diagnose issues quickly and fix them in a timely manner.”

—Kristen Hammond
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