What Every Business Can Learn from Coach Belichick

Being a football fan from New England, it is impossible not to appreciate the phenomenal run the New England Patriots have been on for the past 15 years. As a businessman the area that impresses me the most is their famous approach to the sport. Their business-minded strategy is unique in the industry and difficult to sustain. […]

De-clutter Your World by Unclogging Your Facebook Account

Here’s 4 ways to do this: Hiding Posts: In your newsfeed you can turn off a story you don’t want to read, a game that you will never play, or stop following a particular person. Have you ever found yourself wishing you hadn’t clicked “like” on one of your friend’s posts when you get fifteen […]

Client Feedback

“We are about 60% more effective, since we contracted with NENS. The new IT structure helped our office work more efficiently and NENS was able to help make our performance faster. NENS was able to diagnose issues quickly and fix them in a timely manner.”

—Kristen Hammond
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