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Cartoon juggling computer data, i.e. settings, money, graphs, settings, calendar and gears. Just a few of the daily things we keep data on in our technology that can quickly become overwhelming.

Is Your IT Team Juggling Too Much Data?

Yes, they are.

In the modern digital business world, data is king – and most organizations have way more than they know what to do with. Big data has been the buzzword of the past few years, and more and more companies are taking steps to protect their valuable data and information from snooping hackers and scammers.

It?s probably not surprise that your marketing and sales departments feel like they have a lot data – but you?re IT team is probably feeling the burden too. And when your IT team is overloaded, the rest of your organization suffers.

Where?s the Data Coming From?

One-hundred years ago, there were no IT people like there are today – which makes sense, because there was no IT like there is today. In fact, even 25 years ago we didn?t have technology close to what we rely on now because tech has been growing at an exponential rate. While this means there?s a lot more technology for business? to utilize and folks to find jobs maintaining it, it also means that IT staff are going to continuously need to handle an increasing number of IT functions as technology continues to evolve.

Take for example employees working remote – before the personal computer and stable internet, that would have been nearly impossible. Today, almost 3.7 million employees work remote, and 50% of the US workforce is employed in a position that could be worked remotely. This one workplace caveat alone presents a unique challenge for IT professionals who are now expected to monitor and troubleshoot diagnostics and processes across machines in their office and out of the building.

When employees run into an issue when they?re working remote, it can offer a new host of potential issues for IT to troubleshoot – which means it?s going to take even longer to get problems resolved and employees back online.

Data Influx Is Not Slowing Down

Take a look around your office. How many of the technological tools you use on a daily basis, like a smartphone, smart device, or portable laptop, existed 10 years ago? Now try and think about how many new technological devices we?ll have within the next 10 years, and think about how IT staff are going to have to learn how to ensure those devices are compatible and secure.

Every new piece of technology that?s coming out poses a new set of tasks and troubleshooting efforts for your IT team. And it?s not like you?re not going to invest in and rely on these technologies – and IT spend is continuously on the rise.

We?re not sure what technologies we?ll be relying on in 10 years – but we are sure we?ll be relying on our IT teams even more to ensure they?re up-and-running.

Making Sense of the Madness

So now that you?ve seen what?s on your IT team?s plates, it?s time to take the next step and give them a hand. The easiest way to help them is to partner with a local IT consultancy that can help them streamline their own data processes – and even take some things off their plate.

Choosing to work with an IT partner like NENS doesn?t mean you?re replacing your in-house team – it means you?re allowing them to focus their valuable time on the mission critical aspects of their roles and letting a handful of experts take over some of the less important tasks. Give us a call today to learn how we can help your IT team streamline their business and improve the overall operational efficiency of your entire organization.