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Keeping employees happy is an important facet of any company. Whether you?re a fortune 500 company churning out global revenue in the billions, or a small, family-owned business with under 25 people in your employ, one thing always remains the same – happy employees are effective employees.

The benefits of happy employees are numerous, whether it be improved morale and attitude, increased productivity (and in turn, revenue), or just a more pleasant work culture to be in 40+ hours a week. Strategies to improve happiness range from HR and culture related events, to improved salaries, benefits and technology. It?s the last one many companies turn a blind eye to.

Everyone wants happy employees, but are you using the correct technology to get them?

Aligning screens and smiles

When?s the last time you used an outdated, slow computer and loved it? Chances are it?s pretty close to never. Your employees feel the same way.

Nobody likes using old, outdated and slow technology – it?s one of the reasons people flock to stores when they announce new devices on opening day. People spend a lot of money on gadgets for themselves each year, but many are stuck with aging and outdate technology at work where they spend 1/3 of their lives – and that?s time that?s costing your business money.

1/3 your life is a lot of time, and if you think about how much of that time is spent anxious and aggravated at non-working technology, the cost to upgrade and keep employees happy seems minimal in comparison. Maybe its time to finally let go of that Windows 95 PC.

Happy employees = more money

It?s not secret that happy employees perform better in the workplace, but did you realize that improving that old tech will save you money as well?

Employees stuck using old technology, or doing age-old processes manually, costs business in the trillions annually. Add the costs of wasted time on old tech with less-motivated employees, and that?s cutting a big chunk into potential revenue you could be making.

At the end of the day, revenue is the bottom line. Investing in updated technology is just that – and investment. You?re going to pay a bit for it now, but in the long run it?s going to be worth it. That money spent on new tech for your workforce is going to bring in more money down the line, and the price of upgrades will see minimal in comparison.

People love to learn

Regardless of how many people prayed for snow days in elementary school, people love to learn, and upgrading to new workplace technology is a new chance to learn. While this may align with a previous point of keeping employees happy, it also aligns with the future of your business and the all-star talent you want to employ.

Smart employees aren?t going to hang around when they see the business isn?t going to invest in them, and all-star talent isn?t born from employees given no chance to grow. Investing in new workplace tech gives your employees new skills to learn, and new chances to become the next top-tier talent in your organization.

Finding a technology partner

Before you go out and buy every one of your employees the latest smartphone and laptop duo, make sure you?re doing your research. It?s easy to get sucked into buying too much of the latest tech, which won?t in fact help but hurt your revenue down the line.

That?s where NENS comes in. No one expects you to be experts in your field AND experts in the latest tech and how to set up, operate and maintain it – so we?ll do it for you. Hiring a professional IT consultant gives you the expertise of knowing about the technology you need and how to keep-up with it without the years of research and mastery behind it.

If you?re thinking your workplace tech looks a little outdated, give NENS a call. We?ll show you what you need – and certainly what you don?t.