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In today?s technologically controlled world, a cybersecurity incident at your organization is no longer a case of ?if,? but ?when.?

Threats come in all shapes and sizes today – from trojans and malware, DDoS attacks, phishing schemes and the dreaded ransomware, every organization is at risk with every email opened or website visited. And sadly, there?s no end in sight – for criminals, cybercrime is the new, easy target for quick cash – which means your organization could easily become a target.

That?s why creating a cyber-security response plan, training on it, and ensuring it?s ready to go is critical for organizations of all sizes in 2019 – because you never know when an incident could occur.

Analyze Your Threat Potential

The first step of any response plan is knowing what could go wrong, and how likely it is to happen.

You can?t really prepare for an attack if you have no idea what it is – and you can?t fix systems or processes if you have no idea what?s currently wrong with them. That?s where a cyber-security risk assessment comes into play.

Every organization with an online presence should be doing this semi-regularly, and the process involves reviewing systems and applications to ensure there are no security flaws or outdated patched that need updates, ensuring all systems are functioning correctly, and providing comprehensive training to employees of all levels on cybersecurity best practices.

That last one is a big one – 90% of attacks occur due to human error or negligence, and that?s why phishing and ransomware attacks are so dangerous. Analyzing your organization?s potential for an attack, and the weak spots where it could happen, is a critical step in ensuring cybersecurity incidents do as little damage as possible when they occur.

Create a Response Plan

It doesn?t matter how large or small your organization is, knowing what to do when a suspected attack occurs and being able to handle it quickly and effectively is going to drastically change the outcome of the attack.

Currently, if an employee?s computer is affected by ransomware, do you know what to do? What if you find out your network has been breached and data is being pilfered by hackers? And are your employees really sure what?s a phishing email and what?s not?

Asking these questions and having a plan in place to answer them is critical for all organizations in 2019, large and small. The sooner you react to an incident, the less damage it?s likely to do – and having an incident response plan in place is the most effective way to ensure swift and efficient action when a cyber-risk is noticed.

Hire a Professional Team to Respond to Incidents

The easiest way to ensure your small-or-medium-sized-business is ready to handle any cybersecurity incident hackers might present is to partner with a local IT consultancy to act as your cyber security incident response team.

The DIY mentality is great for most business leaders in many positions, but cybersecurity is not one of them. Our team of certified experts can be ready at a moment?s notice to help prevent impactful and lasting damage from a cybersecurity incident at your organization, and have the experience necessary to handle any situation with ease to keep your business as safe as possible in 2019.

Give us a call today to learn more about our services and how we can protect your organization – before and after a cyber-attack.