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We?re well underway into 2019, but that doesn?t mean the rest of the year is without its hiccups and risks.

We?ve seen an unparalleled rate of business technology transformation over the past few years, which means IT departments of organizations across the globe are struggling to keep up with the speed of the technology developing around them. This can cause a host of issues for organizations trying to keep up with the speed of change – especially smaller businesses that may lack the massive budgets to throw at new and emerging tech solutions.

If you feel like your organization may be falling behind in 2019 ? or may just want to ensure you?re on track for this year ?- check out these three major IT issues your organization is likely to face before the ball drops and we kick off 2020.

Increasing Cybersecurity Concerns

Surprise, threats in cybersecurity are still one of the most pressing and expensive issues facing organizations in 2019. As attacks increase in popularity and intensity, organizations across the US are going to need to take an even stricter approach to their cybersecurity – or risk losing everything to a massive organization-wide attack.

As with all good cybersecurity plans, starting from the employee-level-up is critical to ensure the folks you have in your employ are accurately trained to avoid sharing sensitive data from your organization or falling victim to ransomware or phishing attacks. However, as attacks increasingly become more sophisticated, more folks have access to networks and data, and more connected tools are being brought into the workplace, the open windows hackers have access to for accessing sensitive data are growing by the day.

Innovation in Products and Services

Keeping up with the speed of technology is important for businesses to stay relevant today, but it?s also expensive. Think about how many new and emerging tech developments have changed the face of business in the last 10 years ? smartphones and tablets, widespread internet usage and reliance, cloud computing…the one thing all of these have in common is they take money and tech expertise to buy into, and have all or are all becoming staples of modern business.

This rate of development is unlikely to slow anytime soon, and with the buzz about AI and increased IoT usage for professional and personal use, you can be sure there will be plenty of new tech organizations will need to buy into.

And just because an organization can afford to purchase new tech and services doesn?t always mean they should. Understanding how new tech will fit in with existing legacy systems, and how to avoid opening up your organization to unwanted cyber threats is just as important as the first-step implementation, and brings with it its own unique set of IT challenges ? and costs.

A Growing Skills Gap

What?s the one thing all of these IT issues have in common? It?s that they all require skills and expertise to maintain – and keeping up with that skill set is going to cost you.

There?s a reason many young people get into the IT profession – because these technical and analytical skills can help them earn top dollars at companies once they master them. That?s great for a new college grad and for large organizations willing to shell out massive budgets for growing IT teams, but becomes an issue for small-and-medium-sized-businesses that just need a team with enough of these skill sets to keep their organizations safe and efficient.

That?s where working with an IT consultancy comes into play. At NENS, we can offer your organization the latest cutting-edge skills and a wide range of expertise without the black hole IT budget of an enterprise-level organization. Our teams of skilled workers can help pinpoint the issues your organization is facing and quickly and efficiently ensure your IT needs and cybersecurity plan are up-to-speed and maintained for 2019.

Contact us today to learn more about our talented team and what steps we can take to help your company stay at the forefront of IT innovation for the next year.