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Today, a lack of good IT support is one of the most crucial and pressing issues facing businesses across the country. Our businesses today rely on a multitude of different systems and processes to ensure business continuity, and many of these new tools and software programs are like a different language to legacy employees.

That?s why effective IT is one of the most pressing and important facets of modern business – but for many organizations, cost and talent acquisition are a barrier to success. However, working with remote IT teams through IT consultancies is a trend many business leaders are looking towards to fill roles in their organization, and it could be the solution your teams need.

Get Good Help, Anywhere

Is your organization competing for talent in a major city? Or is it outside the city? Maybe farther up into rural areas? Or are your teams spread out across the country in remote positions?

It doesn?t matter where your organization is located precisely, finding top-tier IT talent can be tough wherever you go – whether they be outpriced by competitors in the city or few and far between outside the suburbs.

Remote IT mitigates that issue from the start. Working with a remote IT team means there?s no need to immediate onsite personnel, and your hire IT staff can technically be working from anywhere. Not only does it tap into the talent potential of otherwise unavailable staff in your location, it also means they?re able to do their work without the need to relocate – a win for both sides.

Always Remain Up-to-Date

A facet of good IT is ensuring every system and program is up-to-date and secure, and remote IT is different. Teams that work remotely are still working around the clock to ensure your systems are in place and secure and updates and patches are installed in a timely manner. In fact, having workers in different time zones could even help improve that security, since they can be working on systems or updates during times when your main staff is out of the office or offline.

A New Wealth of Knowledge

One of the best perks of working with a remote team via an IT consultancy is the vast array of talents you?re hiring – without the need to individually hire experts in each field.

Remote IT teams from IT consultancies bring together a vast array of tech knowledge and skill sets to every job your organization has to face. Worried about cybersecurity? There?s a team member for that. Trying to install and update the latest Microsoft Office programs? There?s a team member for that. Having issues with servers and your network? We?ve got a person for that.

In a traditional IT setting, the growth of required expertise to keep an organization safe and secure is growing rapidly, and many smaller teams can?t keep up. When you choose to work remote with an IT consultancy, the lack of skill set is never an issue – our teams are always growing and we?re keeping our talents sharp and faced towards the forefront of IT innovation.

Cost Effective Solutions

Not only will you get a growing skillset when you choose to work with an IT consultancy for remote IT, you?re also going to save a lot of money doing it.

Think if you have to have a full team of experts on your payroll today, ranging from system admins to hardware and IT maintenance staff and cybersecurity experts – and that?s just to handle common problems faced everyday but organizations. That payroll adds up – especially since tech jobs are some of the top paying positions in 2019. Plus, the cost to manage these folks, healthcare and insurance, and paid time off – it?s not cheap keeping a team of experts on-hand.

When you work with a remote IT team through an IT consultancy none of that is your worry. Our teams take care of the management and payroll, and you just pay for the services you require – and that?s going to save your organization a lot of money down the line.

Let?s Get to Work

Does all of this sound like a good fit for your organization? It doesn?t matter if you?re looking for IT bare necessities or the next great cybersecurity team to protect your organization, working with an outside, outsourced IT consultancy like NENS is the easiest way to ensure IT becomes a priority at your organization.

Give us a call today to learn more about our services and how our teams can help you ensure your organization is prepared for any technical struggle in 2019 and beyond.