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Are you making the 4 biggest data back up Mistakes? Infrequent backups; Cybersecurity ignorance, poor backup practices

Just because you?re backing up your organization?s data doesn?t mean you?re doing it well.

Yes, that?s correct – not all data backup solutions or strategies are created equal, and if you find yourself unknowingly making these mistakes, it could cost you dearly down the road when you do need to rely on those backup files. Keep reading to find out 3 of the major backup mistakes you might be making without even realizing it.

Infrequent Backups

Installing a backup is only as good as the previous backup, which means if you?re not frequently backing up your files you could be in a world of hurt when the time comes to rely on this technology. As many as 16 percent of business backup as little as once per month – which means if you?re backup is on the 1st of each month, and you lose data on the 29th, then you?re out of luck.

Ideally, data should be backed up once every 24-hours – but for some organizations, that process can become a bit too much to handle.

Cybersecurity Ignorance

The fact you have backups in place means you?re prepared to face any cybersecurity threat like a ransomware attack, right?


In fact, on average less than half of ransomware victims end up recovering all of their data – and backup bad habits may ensure that you end up with even less. In fact, 60% of small businesses go out of business within 6 months after a major cyber-attack – and a major player in this is the loss of all their personal and valuable data. With expert backup habits, businesses stand a better chance of getting back on their feet after an attack.

Poor Backup Practices

Backing up data is a lot more than just ensuring you have a copy of something somewhere. In fact, if you?re not sure about the difference between backups and archives, and are not sure which you?re doing, then you?re already 10 steps behind.

Are you using cloud solutions? Tape? Or are you still hoping your archives will help your backup data? Knowing which tools to use, and when, will make a dramatic difference in the effectiveness of your backups. Choosing the right tools will save the day – choosing the wrong tools will leave you stranded when disaster strikes.

Let?s Fix Those Bad Habits

Understanding the ins-and-outs of effective backup habits isn?t always cut and dry – which is why many business leaders choose to partner with an IT consultancy to help manage your data backup.

At NENs we supply the backup expertise, so you don?t have to – and will ensure your data stays safe and up-to-date, ready to help you weather any business misfortune that comes your way.