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Is your organization prepared to weather any storm this winter with disaster recovery? If the term isn?t ringing a bell, you?re not alone – up to 40% of organizations may not have a disaster recovery plan in store for when nature takes its toll on their data centers. If you?re without a plan for bad weather, it?s time to strategize for Mother Nature?s next big day.

Preparing for the Worst

Business leaders can plan for a lot of things, including financial burdens, cyberattacks and regulatory compliance, but one thing they can?t predict is the weather. Extreme weather, especially winter weather in the colder states of the US, can wreak havoc on businesses not properly prepared for the power outages weather extremes can cause.

Outages don?t come cheap. According to an IHS study, ICT outages cost businesses $700 billion a year, with outages now costing an average of $9,000 per minute. With such massive costs to organizations, preparation of any kind for outages is a key aspect to strategy. That?s where disaster recovery comes in.

Creating a Plan

An effective disaster recovery plan relies on understanding the potential risks facing your organization. Knowing what to plan for is the first step towards proper avoidance, and business leaders need to analyze what potential disasters, such as snow, tornadoes or floods, could compromise their systems, and work from there.

A good disaster recovery plan will keep all mission-critical systems up-and-running during a period of crises. Understanding what type of crises your organization will likely be faced with is the first step towards preparation.

Keys to Success

Disaster recovery plans are all about redundancy. Setting up a backup system in a second, or even third, location, away from the potential of natural disasters, can help ensure your information will be safe even if one data center is compromised due to the weather.

Additionally, ensuring your IT team is fully trained on how to implement a plan during a time of crises through testing and training will ensure a smooth transition during stressful events. Only 29% of small businesses are sure they?re disaster recovery plans can re-instate key business functions in 15 minutes or less. Proper training and preparation will ensure your organization is one of the prepared few.

Setting Your Plan in Motion

Creating a successful plan is a lot easier with the help of a trusted IT professional. Working with a local IT partner like NENs not only ensures your disaster recovery plan will be strategized by experts in the field, it also means your company?s data is in the hands of people who live through, understand and shovel-out-of the same winter disasters you do.
Don?t let Mother Nature take her toll on your business this winter. Set up a disaster recovery plan to ensure your organization stays effective even during the worst days of this year?s New England winter.