CMMC and Cybersecurity webinar 2022 with experts from NENS and Edwards Performance Solutions

Compliance, CMMC, and Cybersecurity all tie together. Learn how to leverage cybersecurity to speed up your compliance journey and protect your company. Experts discuss key components to help you.

Increase your collaboration and automation with Microsoft O365

Join Mark Parsons of DLC, and Michael Kourkoulakos, CEO of NENS for ideas to increase your leverage of Microsoft O365, a tool you most likely pay for already but are not getting all the benefits you can.

How hackers are using Covid 19 to breach companies

Join James Carroll, certified ethical hacker and Michael Kourkoulakos, CEO of NENS to discuss how COVID-19 has opened up opportunities for hackers to steal data and hold companies for ransom.

Cyber insurance and liability webinar

Cyber Insurance for business is a confusing and changing requirement. Many companies believe they are properly covered but as insurance companies learn, the qualifying factors are becoming more stringent and a business must prove they are doing all they could to realize any form of coverage.

NENS 2022 Certified Hacker Webinar

Certified Ethical hacker teaches how hackers are gaining access to corporate data including how your hashtags are a liability. Join James Carroll, Ethical Hacker and Michael Koukourlakos, CEO of NENS to learn how to better protect your corporate data.

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