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It seems like every day there?s a new tech hack or exploit that needs to steal the show when it comes to protecting businesses. Cloud security is one area that requires special attention. Chances are you are using cloud services?for your?businesses ? and although much safer than it previously was considered, cloud offerings can become a goldmine for hackers if they?re breached. That means ensuring and maintaining proper cloud security should be one of your organization?s top cybersecurity priorities. Here?s why.

Cloud Is Growing

It was the buzzword of the early 2010s but now it?s a commodity ? cloud computing is everywhere. Across the US alone,?72% of all businesses?globally?will rely on some form of cloud computing in their daily functions, and that number is likely to be even higher for personal use devices outside of work. It makes sense too ? think of how much time and data you can save when you can store and save data offsite. Cloud computing is changing the way we run businesses and organizations across the globe are becoming reliant on technology. It?s a lucrative creation. The cloud computing market is estimated to be worth?$411 billion by 2020, so you can be sure cybercriminals are going to be working hard to get a piece of that pie.

Cloud Is Secure ? But Not Perfect

At the onset of cloud computing security worries were at the center of the conversation. Although security has dramatically improved, and offerings like private and hybrid clouds offer organizations an increased sense of security for their data, hacks, and breaches still occur. In 2025 there will be?175 zettabytes of data stored in the cloud?? that?s a staggering amount of data and hackers know it. Attacks on cloud systems have increased 300% per a study by Microsoft, and as we include more cloud services into our daily business routines, that number is going to grow ? meaning improving security is a priority for cloud vendors and users alike.

It?s Access to Everything

In today?s tech-centric world, connecting to the?cloud?is a feature of almost every device. Just think about it for a second, about?how much data you have stored on the cloud. Services like iCloud come to mind for many when the term cloud storage comes up, but today it?s so much more. Amazon Web Services and Microsoft Azure are two of the biggest cloud service providers, but there are a lot more apps that rely on the cloud that you may not immediately realize. Does your organization use programs like Google Drive or Gmail? Cloud-based. Upgraded to Microsoft Office 365 to easily share files and programs? Cloud-based. Do offsite backups with an outsourced provider? That?s cloud too.

Any sensitive information you?re not saving directly onto hard drives for your organization is likely hitting the cloud somewhere ? which means securing that data is a critical step for a fully effective?cybersecurity plan. So how do you get that effective security plan off the ground? By teaming up with a local IT consultant to help you along every step of the way.

Our expert staff at?NENS?have the experience and tech understanding of cloud services and security offerings to ensure your organization?s data can be kept as safe as possible, wherever it?s stored. Whether you want your data on a public cloud, private cloud, or locked away in the basement, we?ve got a plan to help you keep it safe.?Contact us?to learn more about our Cloud Security and other managed IT services offerings.