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We can’t believe it’s mid-October here already, but that’s a great time of year because as the year ends, it becomes time to take a look at the following years budgets and start deciding what investments your organization is going to make in 2020.

The options aren’t limited. With so much new tech emerging every week, it’s hard for business leaders to try and pinpoint what exactly is going to be the most worthwhile investment, and what could just end up being bust. However, there is one easy decision for that situation, and it’s not as high tech or glamorous as new devices or software to use.

It’s cybersecurity.

Cybersecurity Is No Longer Just a Good to Have?

It’s 2019, going on 2020, and that means cybersecurity is the buzz word every business leader is likely sick of hearing by now. However, it’s for good reason.

Cybercrime isn’t a minor issue to deal with – in fact, cybercrime is estimated to cause $6 trillion worth of damages by 2021 – that’s just two years away. And that’s not just aimed at major corporations either. Today, every organization is a target for cybercriminals, and it doesn’t matter your size, income or political affiliations. Eventually, you will be targeted.

Sadly, in 2019 and beyond cybersecurity isn?t a ?good to have,? it?s a necessity that every organization is going to need to rely on to remain safe and secure.

It’s Going to Help Your Employees Too

Cybercrime isn’t just a business problem, it’s a people problem too. Cybercrime doesn’t end at the enterprise-level targets, and plenty of individual folks face these attacks on their own every day.

However, a little bit of cybersecurity training can go a long way in helping avoid attacks.

People are the best targets for hackers, because they’re the most likely to slip up and open a phishing email, click a link, or download secret malicious software. When you build a successful cybersecurity plan at your organization you begin from the people-up, because the most successful and expensive firewalls and monitoring programs are useless if your employees are leaving the digital front door open to attackers.

So when you spend the time and investment on an improved workplace cybersecurity plan, that knowledge and education of good cyber habits isn’t going to end at work with your employees – you’re investing in their own personal cyber safety as well. Plus, with so many workers today bringing their devices to and from work and working outside the office, that added layer of personal security will go a long way in ensuring every time they’re online they’re as protected as they can be.

Cybersecurity Is Easier Than Ever to Manage – With Some Help

With so many facets of a solid cybersecurity plan, it may seem a bit daunting to think you can effectively implement a plan into your organization – and you’re not wrong. The risks are high with cybersecurity, which is why many savvy business leaders look towards outside, managed IT services to assist in their cybersecurity implementation and management.

That’s where we come in. Our team of cybersecurity consultants at NENS have the expertise your organization needs for all things cybersecurity – and we’re ready at a moment’s notice.

When you partner with an outsourced IT provider for cybersecurity – or other IT support needs, it’s a beneficial partnership for your team and to help your security. We’ll take the security heavy lifting off your plate so you and your team can focus on what you do best – run your business – and we’ll monitor in real-time and prevent malicious attacks from taking down your systems.

Interested? Contact us today to learn more about our offerings and services. We?re excited to get to work with you.