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Creating a well-rounded and effective cyber security plan is no easy task. With so many new threats emerging every day, and with businesses relying more on technology than ever before, it can be easy for organizations to lose sight of what?s important in security. One of these facets is endpoint security. While it may not immediately ring a bell, having an effective cyber security plan in place is going to be crucial for your organization as threats continue ? and here?s why.

Cybercrime Is on the Rise ? and It?s Not Going Anywhere

At this point, cybersecurity stats are almost old news. It?s 2019, and that means that cybercrime is one of the biggest threats for organizations across the globe. On average, cybercrime costs a combined?$600 billion per year?for businesses across the world, and since the dawn of the first computer hacker, it has been on the rise. As more hackers take to their keyboards, cyber attacks become more robust and creative ? and that means security systems and strategies need to improve as well.

It?s common knowledge that a simple firewall or antivirus software isn?t robust enough to handle the threats of emerging cybercriminals. Today, an effective?cybersecurity plan?is multifaceted and needs to evolve with the attacks it protects against. For businesses large and small, endpoint security is a critical part of that cybersecurity plan, especially as endpoints are increasing in modern business solutions.

Every Organization Has Susceptible Endpoints

If you?re thinking your organization doesn?t need endpoint security because it doesn?t apply to your organization, then you?re dead wrong. In 2019, almost every organization has endpoints that pose a significant cyber risk.

Still not entirely sure what endpoints are? They?re the points of entry a hacker can use to gain access into your network and data that you might not readily have control over.? When it comes to cybersecurity, it?s not just ensuring you have firewalls and network monitoring practices in place.?The devices your employees use?every day also need to be protected ? and those are the endpoints you need to secure.

They can include computers and laptops, smartphones, tablets ? anything that connects to your network that isn?t directly protected under your network security. And they?re posing a major risk to your organization if you are not already monitoring and protecting these devices.

Every Day More Gadgets Come to Work

Now that you understand the threats and critical nature of securing your organization?s endpoints, it?s time to look at the facts.

There are approximately?273 million smartphones users in the US, and nearly every working American uses a computer in some capacity for their work. Every day, new technologies are being put into the hands of your employees ? and you can be sure that technology will make its way into your organization in some way or another.

Although some organizations began trying to ban personal devices at work, today it?s much more common for employees to partake in?BYOD?programs to use their own preferred personal devices. As your employees begin utilizing their own devices, it?s critical that you ensure you have endpoint security solutions in place to keep those devices secure ? otherwise, every connected device is a wide open door for an attack.

Let?s Get Your Endpoint Security Up to Par

Do you think it?s time to take a good look at your endpoint security? If so, especially if you haven?t taken endpoint security into consideration before, creating an effective security plan is critical for your organization.

The best way to make sure your organization is secure ? from network protection to endpoint security ? is to work with a local IT consultancy with experience in all facets of?cyber security.

At?NENS, endpoint security is our bread and butter. Every day we help our clients protect themselves from cyber-attacks through security management and endpoint protection.?Contact us?today to learn how we can help your organization improve security in 2019.