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It?s time the real managed IT provided stood and delivered.

If you?re a small, medium or even enterprise-sized business in the 21st, digital century, chances are you?re at least somewhat familiar with managed IT systems. For many, it?s a no-brainer – the digital age brings with it a wealth of opportunity but also an equal wealth of technological necessities. Many businesses find comfort and success in outsourcing these technological needs to IT consultants and managed service providers, but only if they find the right fit.

The trend is growing every year, with more companies coming out of the woodwork to take a piece of the managed service pie. With all the choices, there are bound to be some bad apples, or just poor fits for your company, thrown in. So how are you as a business owner or manager going to know which is the right one to choose for your organization to avoid an IT outsourcing nightmare?

In some cases, size does matter

While everyone wants to support the small mom-and-pop stores of the past, sometimes the bigger operations are a necessity to handle bigger jobs. If you?re a large enterprise-level company, chances are you’re going to want to work with a large, enterprise level IT consultant who is attuned to your particular large-business needs.

On the other hand, if you?re a smaller company, say one where everyone knows your name, it may fit your company culture and technological requirements to go with a smaller, more local option. While they may not be able to provide the thousand-plus person staff, they may be able to offer the individualized attention and laser-focused mission your small company deserves.

Just gotta have the latest toys

Judging a potential IT managed service provider on whether or not they?re in-line for the latest smartphone may be overkill, but looking at their tech certainly isn?t. Regardless of company size, a good IT managed services provider will be up to date on and with the latest tech that you may need to propel your business into the digital age.

Think of it this way – if you?re business is running on outdated tech, you know it?s slowing you down. So, if your IT managed services provider, who you?ve outsourced your tech needs to, is running outdated tech, you might be doing yourself no better than running the outdated systems yourself.

The price is right!

Sometimes, paying more isn?t always worth it – but a deal too good to be true can be even worse.

When choosing the right IT managed services provider for your organization, price is going to be a factor – especially considering most people use them to save money on IT costs. Price needs to be based on your specific needs and the expertise provided; are you having them take over all your IT requirements? Or just running security? Are they an experience and trusted organization, or a new group to the scene without the years of experience you may feel comfortable with?

You need to consider how important the processes they?re taking over are, and weigh the pros and cons of price vs. potential failure, and how much improving that system will make you in the long run. In some cases, paying more for that expertise is going to keep you from a serious ?I told you so.?

When in doubt, keep it close to home

If you?re local, Boston-based business is struggling to find a reliable and affordable IT managed service provider, there?s no reason to look beyond New England. At NENs, we have the years of expertise to work through any problem, and the small-business atmosphere and culture to ensure that you know we care as much about your business as you do. Our team of IT experts are happy to work with your organization on any IT outsourcing needs, so you can avoid being a part of the next IT outsourcing horror story.

Don?t let a subpar IT consultant hold you back. Instead, work with a partner your business can grow with into the digital age. ?Many companies in Greater Boston rely on NENS as their choice managed service. ?