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IT outsourcing has changed drastically over the past few years. As business? grow, and their IT needs expand along with them, smart business owners have begun to realize there is more tech need than talent in-house for most companies, leading to the great outsourcing boom of the past few years.

IT outsourcing isn?t what it used to be. In fact, now it?s so much more.

No Longer (Just) to Save a Penny

Originally, the draw for IT outsourcing for most organizations was the cost benefit. The cost of having an expert IT team lead their IT management was less than having an in-house staff they had to keep on salary, train, and replace if they left or couldn?t fulfill their duties. IT consultants allowed a business to simply write a check and be sure their services were taken care of. That background ease-of-use allowed business owners to focus their efforts solely on what mattered – maximizing profits.

Today, the benefits of IT outsourcing go beyond cost alone – although that cost factor is still at play.

An Innovating Partnership

Where IT consultants used to be strictly stand-ins for background functions, they are now beginning to be seen as partners in innovation for the future of business.

According to Deloitte?s 2016 Global Outsourcing Survey, organization?s are already ?frequently considering outsourcing to capture and enable innovation that exists in the market place,? with over 1/3 already doing so. ?This is one of the most dramatic shifts in the outsourcing market, and a lot of it has to do with automation.

Automation is the key growing trend – from marketing to manufacturing – and where this grows so does the need for IT and technological expertise. Every company is realizing the benefits of automation for their systems and trying to get on board, with the only problem being the lack of in-house expertise to run it. That?s where the outsourcing clients will come to play.

A Watchful Eye

Along with a partnership in innovation, businesses will continue to rely heavily on IT outsourcing for their security needs – especially when these automated systems will be connected to their networks. Security is one of the top concerns for businesses across all fields, and with more attacks occurring every week, smart executives realize no one is truly safe.

IT security spending is on the rise, with no end in sight so long as hackers lurk in the depths of the internet. Moving forward in the digital age, smart businesses will utilize the expertise and technologies at hand of top-level IT consultants to help beef up their security, rather than try and take care of it on their own.

Who You Gonna Call?

With outsourcing becoming a vital strategy for businesses so far in 2016, if you?re behind the trend you don?t want to stay behind. Finding a top-notch IT consultant to manage your growing technological needs is a vital step for the future of success in your field, regardless of what niche it may be in.

Working with a trusted partner like NENS provides the stability and trust that you?re technology won?t get left behind. Don?t get left behind in last year?s tech – take a step forward and be on the forefront of technology for your business, for safety, and for next year?s innovation.