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It?s every IT manager and business leader?s worst nightmare ? an employee accidentally opened a suspicious email or file and the ransomware request pops up on their computer. Worse yet, the attack infects and ransoms every computer in the organization ? leaving your organization on its knees.

Ransomware is a very real and dangerous issue for organizations of all shapes and sizes in 2019. Knowing how to handle one of these attacks ? and how to prevent a data breach from occurring in the first place ? should be a priority for all business leaders and IT managers today

How Does Ransomware Occur?

Usually, a ransomware attack originates from an infected email link ? and when a user clicks on the link and the software is downloaded, the user?s computer ? or often, the entire network ? is then held for ransom. The hackers assume that holding your files hostage will result in a payout, and attacks range from a couple hundred dollars to thousands. Large businesses aren?t the only targets. Small businesses also face the risk?of an attack.

The trend is growing in popularity. In 2019 it?s expected that ransomware will affect a business every 14 seconds ? which means not being prepared for an attack could very likely bring your organization to its knees

How Much Can Ransomware Cost Your Organization?

Ransomware isn?t cheap ? and it?s not just the ransoms paid that are costing businesses. Ransomware attacks cost businesses over $8 billion in 2018, and that?s expected to become costlier as attacks become more prevalent and targeted.

Not to mention if a ransomware attack occurs, if you do pay your ransomers, it doesn?t necessarily mean they?ll unlock your devices or network. Giving in to their demands is putting trust in someone who?s already hacked your organization. Making the decision to pay or not to pay is a risky one ? and the only way to ensure you?ll have full access to your files is to avoid being attacked, to begin with.

How Can You Handle an Attack?

The best way to handle a ransomware attack is to avoid it from occurring in the first place with proper employee training and cybersecurity initiatives. And the best way to train your employees and ensure your business has the best cybersecurity options in place is to work with a professional IT consultancy.

At NENS we?re not afraid of ransomware. We?ve helped numerous clients prevent, and if necessary, respond to ransomware attacks across a broad spectrum of cases, and our expert team is ready to help your organization make 2019 your safest year yet. Contact us to learn about our offerings to keep your data and organization?secure.