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gloved black hand of a thief stealing Christmas gifts next the xmas trees. It’s just as easy for a hacker to steal your data during the holiday season.

Yuletide Security Alert for Businesses This Holiday Season

The holidays are supposed to be some of the happiest times of the year, but when network and cybersecurity is concerned, it can be a little closer to a nightmare. Regardless of your employee?s holiday plans, beliefs or travel, one thing is for sure – 2017 is one of the most dangerous holiday seasons for network security.

25 Days of Attacks on The Rise

Although your employees make take some time off around the holidays, hackers do not. According to a recent report released by Akamai, the total number of web application attacks has increased 69% since this same time last year, which means this holiday season is the most dangerous yet for cyber security.

Over the last year in the US, cyber-attacks are up 217% since this time last year. Part of this has to do with the increased commoditization of technological and network-based devices across the US – and part of it is that cybercrime is growing as a trend. Cybercrime is expected to continue to grow and become bigger than ever in 2018, which means 2017 will be the most dangerous holiday season yet.

Black Hats Look Beyond Black Friday

When most folks think about potential hacks during the holidays, they?re likely thinking of the larger retailers that seem like glowing targets dressed in holiday decorations that could be hit for even better Black Friday savings. But according to a study done by Enigma Software Group, enterprise computers are over 99% more likely to be infected between Black Friday and Christmas.

Cybercrime never sleeps, and in fact cybercriminals enjoy the chaos of the holidays because in between the distractions of sales and holiday specials, it?s easier for their crimes to go unnoticed during the holidays. Not to mention that in today?s digital world, new technology is one of the most common gift items, which means millions of people across the country have new network-based gadgets that they?re not yet familiar enough to adequately provide the necessary security for that are prime targets for mobile attacks.

When put together, this becomes a recipe for disaster for network security specialists.

?Tis The Season to Be Prepared

When it comes to cybersecurity, prevention is the best policy – and that still rings true for the holiday season.

Ensuring that your employees have proper cybersecurity prevention training and follow best practices like strong password creation or avoiding opening links from suspicious emails can be a huge deterrent to cybercrime during the holidays. Additionally, training your employees on how to ensure new devices are protected or instituting a successful BYOD program can help ensure new gadgets won?t become open windows for attacks in the 2017 holiday season and beyond.

But most importantly, working with a trusted IT network security provider is the best way to ensure you won?t get hacked this holiday season. While you?re enjoying the holidays, you can rest assured that your data is safe when you choose a partner like NENs for your network security solutions.

So, go on and have another glass of eggnog – we?ve got your back while the weather outside is frightful.